The Paul McCartney Project

Overdubs for "Somedays"

Jun 10, 1996 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Flaming Pie Official album.
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AIR Studios Lyndhurst, London, UK

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When I got to the final version of that, I thought that I just maybe could use a little arrangement. So I rang George Martin up. He’s such an old friend and so nice to work with that it’s great to find an excuse, you know, just to work with him on a song. Who’s better to do it than George. I said “by the way George, I’ve got this little tune, what do you think, you know”. “Oh, I see you haven’t lost your touch, Paul” Haha.

Paul McCartney, in “Flaming Pie Radio Special”

When I heard Somedays, it immediately reminded me of the vintage Paul. It’s quite difficult to keep writing hits. Even when you know the greatest hitmaker of all. It was nice to see that Paul was getting back to his roots because I think Somedays is a classic song. I think it’s one of those simple ones, deceivingly simple, but so difficult to write. I loved it, I thought it was terrific. When I listen to it and then Paul said “what do you think we should do then”, I thought it needed small forces, I needed a chamber group again. So when I scored it, it was very simple instrumentation and I gave a kind of idea of what it would be. He liked it.

George Martin, in “Flaming Pie Radio Special”

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