Recording "Savoy Truffle"

Thursday, October 3, 1968 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the The Beatles (Mono) LP.
Trident Studios, London, UK

Songs recorded


Savoy Truffle

Written by George Harrison

Recording • Take 1


Musicians on "Savoy Truffle"

Paul McCartney:
Ringo Starr:
George Harrison:
Rhythm guitar

Production staff

George Martin:
Barry Sheffield:


The Beatles spent this entire week of recording at Trident Studios. During the two previous days, they worked on Paul McCartney’s “Honey Pie“ and would resume work on this track on October 4. But on this day, October 3, they decided to start working on George Harrison’s “Savoy Truffle“.

Like what happened for “Honey Pieon October 1, they rehearsed and, at the end of the session (which lasted from 4 pm to 2:30am), the basic track was completed and named “Take 1”. George Harrison played rhythm guitar, Paul McCartney played bass, and Ringo was on drums. John Lennon didn’t contribute to the track, and was maybe absent (according to “That Magic Feeling: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966–1970” by John C. Winn – 2009, he was absent between October 3 and 7).

The second session for the song was on October 5, still at Trident Studios.

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