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Released in 1973


Written by Paul McCartneyLinda McCartney

Last updated on March 19, 2022

Album This song officially appears on the Band On The Run (UK version) Official album.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1973

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From Wikipedia:

“Mamunia” is a song written by Paul and Linda McCartney that first appeared on Wings’ 1973 album Band on the Run. It was also released as the B-side of the “Jet” single in the US, but was replaced by “Let Me Roll It” when “Mamunia” was being considered as a possible future A-side.

Music and lyrics

“Mamunia” was written in Marrakesh early in 1973. The title was inspired by the hotel Mamounia in which the McCartneys were staying at the time. Mamounia means “safe haven” in Arabic. According to author John Blaney, McCartney used the term as a “metaphor for rebirth.” “Mamunia” is one of several songs on Band on the Run, including the title track and “Bluebird,” which espouse a theme of escape and freedom. The song’s verses use rain as a metaphor for the difficult times people face. The song’s message is to not complain about difficult times because everyone faces tough times and it’s better to focus on your “safe haven” during those times.

“Mamunia” was the first song recorded for Band on the Run in Lagos, Nigeria. Paul McCartney sings the lead vocals and plays guitar and bass, Denny Laine plays guitar and sings backing vocals, and Linda McCartney provides backing vocals as well. One of McCartney’s roadies plays bass drum. Like “Bluebird,” “Mamunia” is primarily acoustic. Music critic Robert Christgau described the song’s intro as “Afro-soul.” The song and the refrain are in the key of A major and the verses are in the key of C major. Authors Chip Madinger and Mark Easter describe the song as “so lightweight it’ll float off” but note that it is “relentlessly melodic.” […]

Critics comments

Professor Vincent Benitez described it as a “typical example of McCartney’s style of pop music.” Blaney describes it as “a bright and breezy pop song, celebrating the good things in life and equally as delightful. Mojo Magazine described it as “a pearl of naive wisdom.” Authors Robert Dimery and Michael Lydon described “Mamunia” as a “solid side-two track.” Paul McCartney biographer Peter Carlin claimed that “Mamunia” “takes a more laid-back approach to the sentiment in [The Beatles’ song] ‘Rain.'” Author Tim Riley concurs the song’s relationship to “Rain,” calling it a “pale rewrite of Lennon’s “Rain,” but praises its “smart two-key framework.”

Music video

A music video was made for “Mamunia” in July 1974. Jim Quick was the producer. The video is mostly animated, and Paul McCartney does not appear. It was first shown on The Dave Cash Radio Show.” It appears on the 2007 video set The McCartney Years.

[Mamunia is] The first one we did in Lagos – recorded in the middle of a tropical rainstorm. I don’t know if that had any effect on the final result.

Paul McCartney – From interview with Disc Magazine, 1973
From Club Sandwich N°71, Autumn 1994 – ‘Mamunia’ was inspired by a visit Wings made to Tunisia in 1973. Appropriately prompted, we’ve delved into Linda’s picture library and found four fine photos from that fun Middle Eastern jaunt.


Mamunia Mamunia Mamunia

Oh Oh Oh

Mamunia Mamunia Oh Oh Oh Oh

The rain comes falling from the sky,

To fill the stream that fills the sea

And that's where life began for you and me

So the next time you see rain it ain't bad,

Don't complain; it rains for you,

The next time you see L.A. rainclouds,

Don't complain it rains for you and me

Mamunia . . .

It might have been a bright blue day

But rainclouds had to come this way

They're watering everything that they can see.

A seed is waiting in the earth

For rain to come and give him birth

It's all he really needs to set him free,

So the next time you see L.A. rainclouds

Don't complain, it rains for you.

So lay down your umbrellas

Strip off your plastic macs.

You've never felt the rain my friend,

Til you've felt it running down your back

So the next time you see rain, it ain't bad

Don't complain, it rains for you.

The next time you see U. C. L. A. rainclouds

Don't complain it rains for you and me.


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Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.

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Laurie L. • 5 months ago

What is the meaning of Paul's references to Los Angeles in this song? "LA rainclouds" repeats... and earlier with "and that's where life began for you and me" - possibly referencing their "dirty weekend" in LA in June 1968? This has always intrigued me. Thanks for your input.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 5 months ago

Hi Laurie, I haven't found any source that explains the lyrics in details. But your theory, I would say, stands!

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