The Beatles win three Ivor Novello awards

Tuesday, July 12, 1966
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Hammersmith Palais, London, UK

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Officially appears on Help! (Mono)


Officially appears on Help! (Mono)

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The 11th Ivor Novello Awards were presented by the Songwriters Guild of Great Britain and sponsored by Sir Billy Butlin. The ceremony was held at the Hammersmith Palais, London.

The Beatles were awarded three prizes. Their single “We Can Work It Out” won the award for the best-selling single of 1965, “Help!” was awarded the second best-selling single of 1965, and “Yesterday” won the award for the most outstanding song of the year.


BEATLES John Lennon and Paul McCartney have won three of the Ivor Novello Awards presented annually for the outstanding British compositions of the year.

In the section devoted to the highest certified record sales of a British composition in 1965, the partnership collected both the winner and runner-up trophies. First was “We Can Work It Out,” followed by “Help!” Lennon-McCartney were also first in the “Outstanding Song Of 1965” section with their composition “Yesterday.” Second in this category was the Jackie Trent hit “Where Are You Now,” written by Jackie with Tony Hatch.

Most Performed Work Of The Year was adjudged to be “I’ll Never Find Another You,” which gave the Seekers their first No. 1 hit. Runner-up in this section was the tune Tony Carr wrote for the Joe Loss Orchestra, “March Of The Mods.”

Donovan also collected a winner’s statuette for the number he wrote and took into the charts, “Catch The Wind.” This was awarded the first prize for the outstanding folk song of the year.

Other sections and awards included:

Outstanding Beat Song: 1. “It’s Not Unusual” (written by Gordon Milk and Les Reed); 2. “Look Through Any Window” (Graham Gouldman and Charles Silverman).

Outstanding Novelty Composition: 1. “A Windmill In Old Amsterdam” (Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge); 2. “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” (Trevor Peacock).

Outstanding Stage Musical: “Charlie Girl” (David Hencker and John Taylor).

Outstanding Instrumental Composition: 1. “March Of The Mods”; 2. “The Kiss” (Jack Parnell).

The special award for “Outstanding Services To British Music” went to BBC-TV for its production “A Song For Europe.”

From Melody Maker – July 15, 1966
From Melody Maker – July 15, 1966

Beatles scoop awards

BEATLES once again scooped the Ivor Novello awards for 1965.

John and Paul wrote “We Can Work It Out” and “Help” (highest British sales) and “Yesterday” (outstanding song of 1965).

Second outstanding song was Jackie Trent’s “Where Are You Now, My Love” (writers: Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch).

Other awards, with song writers in brackets, were:

Most performed — “I’ll Never Find Another You’’ (Tom Springfield). and “March Of The Mods” (Tony Carr); beat song — “It’s Not Unusual” (Gordon Mills and Les Reed) and “Look Through Any Window” (Graham Gould-man and Charles Silverman);

Novelty composition — “A Windmill In Old Amsterdam” (Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge) and “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” (Trevor Peacock);

Stage musical score — “Charlie Girl” (David Heneker and John Taylor);

Contemporary folk song — “Catch The Wind” (Donovan);

Instrumental composition — “March Of The Mods” (Tony Carr) and “The Kiss” (Jack Parnell).

From Disc And Music Echo – July 16, 1966
From Disc And Music Echo – July 16, 1966

From The Beatles are awarded the Ivor Novello Award – The Beatles History (

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