The name and tracklist of the new Beatles LP are announced

Friday, July 8, 1966


On June 22, 1966, the Beatles completed the final mixing session for their new album. The next day, they flew to Munich to begin their German tour, followed by dates in Japan and the Philippines. While in Germany and Tokyo, they brainstormed a title for the album, and in Tokyo, they settled on “Revolver,” a pun suggested by Paul McCartney, referring to both a handgun and the revolving motion of a record being played on a turntable.

After their concert in Manila, the Beatles stopped for a couple of days in India. On July 8, they returned to London, and on the same day, the New Musical Express announced the name and track listing of the new album.

“Revolver” was released on August 5, 1966, in the UK, and on August 8, 1966, in the US.

Beatles home today; their new LP is named

The Beatles were due back in London early today (Friday) following a two-day stop in New Delhi, India, on the way home from Manila. Brian Epstein is to consult lawyers about possible action against the promoters in connection with Tuesday’s incidents, during which the Beatles were “punched, kicked and generally treated like animals.

Their Press officer, Tony Barrow, and two of the group’s road managers returned direct to London and arrived on Wednesday. Describing the previous day’s episode, Barrow said: “It was very, very frightening. An extremely nasty situation.

He explained that the Beatles had not snubbed the President’s wife — the rumour which caused the trouble — but had simply not received an invitation to attend a lunch in their honour at the Manila Palace.

Barrow added: “You can take it that the Beatles arc never likely to visit Manila again!

The title of the Beatles’ next album has been announced: it is “Revolver.” The LP will be issued next month, although an exact date has still to be fixed. Titles on side one are “Tax Man,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “I’m Only Sleeping,” “Love You To,” “Here There And Everywhere,” “Yellow Submarine” and “ She Said, She Said.” On side two are “Good Day Sunshine,” “And Your Bird Can Sing,” “For No One,” “Dr. Robert,” “I Want To Tell You,” “Got To Get You Into My Life” and “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

Reports that a script has been chosen for the next Beatles’ film were this week denied by producer Walter Shenson. “A three-page idea, which we like, has been submitted by a young writer,” Shenson explained. “But this has now to be turned into a script — and no decision can be taken until this has been written and considered.

From New Musical Express – July 8, 1966
From New Musical Express – July 8, 1966


The Beatles are about to send the British, and possibly the world pop scene off on a tangent. Their new LP, completed before they left for Germany, will set a new direction for popular music. A wide range of musical influences have been absorbed into the 14 tracks on the album: French horn, trumpet, sitar, violin, Clavicord, viola and piano are just some of the instruments used in addition to the usual three guitars and drums. Eleven titles out of 14 have been released. Paul’s love of classical music and George’s involvement in Indian sounds, rhythms and counterpoint are highly evident. George plays sitar as a traditional Indian Instrument and not as a weird “new” guitar sound Here are the tracks revealed so far:

“GOOD DAY SUNSHINE” is written by Paul and John and has a sort of street band sound at times; vaguely reminiscent of a sea shanty at others. Laughter and noises like clinking glasses can also be heard.

“YELLOW SUBMARINE” Is a children’s song, by John and Paul, which Ringo sings and talks.

“LOVE YOU TOO” is written by George and features a sitar intro and solos. Goes into fast tempo at the end.

“I WANT TO TELL YOU”, also by George, features Paul playing piano. George sings vocal. “It’s regularly irregular,” says George. “But I didn’t realise this until the others told me.

“FOR NO-ONE” — by Paul and John, features a beautiful French horn passage that’s brilliant. Ballad with classical overtones, it also features Paul on piano.

“ELEANOR RIGBY” — Paul’s classical sound. Another “Michelle”? String quartet featured behind Paul’s vocal.

“TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS” is the Beatles favourite. It features the electronic sounds that have had so much publicity.

The other tracks so far known are “Doctor Robert”, which features John, “Tax Man”, written and sung by George, “And Your Bird Can Sing” and “I’m Only Sleeping”.

A new direction? A new meaning to pop? Perhaps the musical catalyst that could lift the Beatles out of pop music into a league of their own? For the sound on this LP is going to defeat the bandwaggon-jumpers.

As Paul says: “They’ll never be able to copy this!

From Melody Maker – July 9, 1966
From Melody Maker – July 9, 1966

Beatles LP

The Beatles’ new LP — containing 14 original tracks — is titled “Revolver” and will be on sale on August 5. The album contains 11 Lennon and McCartney songs and three by George Harrison.

Titles are (Side 1): “Tax Man”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “I’m Only Sleeping”, “Love You To”, “Here, There And Everywhere”, “Yellow Submarine”, “She Said She Said”, (Side 2): “Good Day Sunshine”, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, ”For No-one”, “Dr Robert”, ”I Want To Tell You”, “Got To Get You Into My Life”, “Tomorrow Never Knows”

The Beatles flew back into London early last Friday morning after their Far East tour.

Their American tour opens in Chicago on August 12.

From Melody Maker – July 16, 1966
From Melody Maker – July 16, 1966

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