Beatles photoshoot with Henry Grossman

Saturday, February 25, 1967
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Ringo's home, Sunny Heights, Weybridge, UK

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On this day, photographer Henry Grossman took some photos of The Beatles at Ringo’s home in Weybridge, as well as of George Harrison and his wife Pattie at Kinfauns, their home in Esher, Surrey.

The June 16, 1967, issue of Life Magazine featured a photo of John Lennon and a photo of George Harrison taken at Ringo’s and a photo of George and Pattie taken at Kinfauns, along with other photos taken by Henry Grossman during the recording of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” on February 28, 1967. The article also included a photo of The Beatles taken in Hyde Park on May 18, 1967, by Marvin Lichtner.

In February 1967, I found myself in England once again for another series of works. During my visit, the editor of Life magazine requested me to take some new pictures of the Beatles to include in an article they were working on. I contacted George from the Westbury Hotel, and he invited me to Patti’s birthday party at their house. I mentioned to George that I was glad to be invited and that Life magazine would like some new photos of him and his bandmates, and he suggested that we do a group photo shoot early on the day of the party.

On the day of the shoot, George, Ringo, and John, who all lived close to each other, were able to get together without any problem. Paul, however, had to come from town. After the shoot, George drove me to Shepperton Studios, where I’ll Never Forget What His Name Is was being filmed. As we had some free time, we returned to Kinfauns, and George showed me a promo film the band had made for the song “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

In Esher, we spent the rest of the day together, and I took some photos of George and Patti in the kitchen and dining room, one of which ended up in the pages of Life magazine.

Henry Grossman – From Photoshoot with Henry Grossman – The Beatles History ( (Translated from Russian to English – original source unknown)

From Photoshoot with Henry Grossman – The Beatles History ( – This photo taken at Kinfauns was published in Life Magazine.

From Life Magazine – Jun 16, 1967 – The photos of John Lennon and George and Pattie Harrison were taken on this day.
From Life Magazine – Jun 16, 1967 – The photo of George Harrison was taken on this day

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