Sketches of Paul’s Magic Piano auctioned

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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Sketches of Paul’s Magic Piano – which appeared on “Magical Mystery Tour” were auctioned on this date by Omega Auctions. From Omega Auctions:

[…] Incredible collection of original design proofs/materials/sketches by the BEV Collective (Binder, Edwards, Vaughan) for the famous psychedelic designs painted onto Paul McCartney’s ‘Magic Piano’ circa late 1966. Includes three sheets of tracing paper (approx 15 x 10″) one in pencil clearly identifiable as a design for the part of the front left portion of the piano, two in pen one with title ‘Sketches For Piano’ and signed by Douglas Binder, another with handwritten annotations, four further sketches are on ‘The Million Volt Light and Sound Rave’ stationary (this was another BEV commission), and seven further sketches in pen. Provenance: Found by a builder/property developer at a mill he purchased east of Manchester. […]

From Omega Auctions
From Omega Auctions

From, March 16, 2020:

Builder Andy Clynes, 54, found them in 1999 as he converted a mill into a wine bar near Manchester. He put the sketches in his loft but recently decided to get them valued. […] The sketches were among other papers found by Mr Clynes including a handwritten list of commissions for 1960s art collective BEV.

Mr Clynes, from Oldham, said: “I picked them out of the skip. The case burst open as it was thrown in. It was raining and I just picked up what I could. I imagine there was a lot more there but it was damaged. […] I’ve had them for 20-odd years. You put things away and forget about them and then something triggers your mind. I haven’t planned what I’ll do with the money yet but I was surprised about the value.” […]

I wrote ‘Getting Better’ on my ‘magic’ Binder, Edwards & Vaughan piano… One raised the lid and one heard this magic sound… Of course, the way in which it was painted added to the fun of it all.

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