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Disc 1


White House Concert - Washington DC USA June 2, 2010


We Can Work It Out – STEVIE WONDER with McCartney’s Band


Drive My Car – THE JONAS BROS. with McCartney’s Band


Mother Nature’s Son / That Would Be Something – JACK WHITE


The Long And Winding Road – FAITH HILL with McCartney’s Band




Penny Lane – ELVIS COSTELLO with McCartney’s Band




Celebration – LANG LANG


Band On The Run – DAVE GROHL with McCartney’s Band

Disc 2


White House Concert Rehearsal - Mexico City, May 26, 2010




White House Concert - Washington DC, USA, June 1, 2010


Speech from Paul



White House Soundcheck - Washington - June 2, 2010


Penny Lane – Elvis Costello with McCartney’s Band


From giginjapan:

Paul McCartney in 2010 was chosen as the Gershwin Award for honoring composers and performers who had a great influence on world culture by popular music. This work is a title which totally recorded the award-winning live with sound board sound source and pro shot video. Pilm McCartney as well as other well-known artists playing Paul’s songs in front of President Obama and Mrs. Michelle at the special venue of the White House in Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America, meaning to win the award It is a concert of.

The cast is gorgeous itself. Started with the winner Stevie Wonder of the previous year, Dave Grohl, Herbie Hancock, Jack White who was a single appearance, Elvis Costello of Iwumumagatta, people who have been told, people who have cooperated before, Unexpected people and others celebrated the award by playing Paul’s songs.

Among them, the remarkable thing is probably the duet “Ebony & ivory” with Stevie Wonder. In the interview, Paul was talking about since the recording, but this is his memory mistake, it became the duet of the same song which became the stage since the stage in 1989 LA. The current Paul band is solidifying the back and it is characterized by being tighter than the performance at that time. Also, when coincidentally playing the same “Michelle” with Mrs. Michelle, he told President Obama “Please forgive me” and it is a very pleasant concert. At the end is the finale, including the president, everyone at the venue will stage on stage and chose “Hey Jude”.

Disc 1 contains a complete soundtrack of the main part of the concert. Especially in the last “Hey Jude” broadcasts and outflow video announcements of both programs were suffered but the ones recorded here are complete recordings that are not subject to extra announcements. Disk 2 is a rehearsal sound source for one night’s concert in this White House. It was performed in Mexico where I stayed just before entering the United States, and on this tour I played emphasis on “Ebony And Ivory”, “Michelle”, “Penny Lane” etc which I did not play . How rusty is taking vocals with “Drive My Car”. “Michelle” is also played with the version playing with Russian folk song arrangement pretty up tempo. It was pretty slapstring and it was pretty complete with playing and it was one of the things to listen to. Also on the day before the Gershwin awards concerts are taking place at the White House and Paul is playing the two songs “Yesterday” and “Blackbird” backing the strings.

There are multiple broadcast versions of this concert, logos are different on the right side of the screen, picture quality is superior or inferior, but this work uses the best picture quality version among them, wide screen, as well as audio It is 5.1 surround specification, quality suitable for permanent preservation as press board. Also with a subtle difference, the yesterday co-starring with the orchestra recorded on the previous day “Justadi” contains a long ending, it is exactly the longest recorded complete. In addition, the press conference of the day and the state of the back stage are recorded.

June 1, 2010 President attended, the garushin awards commemoration live performed at the White House was recorded completely on the sound board. First appearance sound check sound source for this day. The event appeared in the same White House on the previous day is also a conference. The video is completely recorded with a pro shot. Event appearance on the previous day, including press conference videos etc. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese style attaching.


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