The Beatles (Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride) • Monday, June 7, 1965

Radio showBy The Beatles • Part of the BBC Sessions • Recorded May 26, 1965
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United Kingdom
Piccadilly Theatre, Number 1 Studio
Recording date:
May 26, 1965
Broadcast date:

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From the Beatles Rarity:

[…] On May 26, 1965, The Beatles recorded their last exclusive show for BBC Radio. They had already recorded a staggering 268 songs for BBC, broadcast on 51 shows. The new title for their final program was The Beatles Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride, and instead of their old friend Brian Matthew serving as host, the chat was guided by Denny Piercy. The Beatles were already acquainted with Denny from their own appearance on his Parade Of The Pops radio show, way back on the 20th of February 1963, when they performed “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me.” Denny talks with them about the upcoming film, Help!, scheduled to hit the box office two months later.

Of the seven new songs featured in the Help! film, the latest single, “Ticket To Ride,” was the only one that had already been heard by the public. So when this show was broadcast in the U.K on June 7, 1965, it was the first time another Help!song had been heard by the fans anywhere. With the exception of “Ticket To Ride,” no other songs from the film were featured on the show. They do perform “I’m A Loser” though, from their previous LP, where John Lennon parodies his own lyric to “beneath this wig, I am wearing a tie.

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Piccadilly Theatre, Number 1 Studio

This was the 5th concert played at Piccadilly Theatre, Number 1 Studio.

A total of 5 concerts have been played there • 1963Mar 28thApr 22ndMay 13th1964Mar 30th1965Jun 7th


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