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The rooftop concert • Thursday, January 30, 1969

ConcertBy The Beatles
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United Kingdom
The rooftop of the Apple building, 3 Savile Row

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It was good fun, actually. We had to set the mikes up and get a show together. I remember seeing Vicki Wickham of Ready, Steady, Go! (there’s a name to conjure with) on the opposite roof, for some reason, with the street between us. She and a couple of friends sat there, and then the secretaries from the lawyers’ offices next door came out on their roof.We decided to go through all the stuff we’d been rehearsing and record it. If we got a good take on it then that would be the recording; if not, we’d use one of the earlier takes that we’d done downstairs in the basement. It was really good fun because it was outdoors, which was unusual for us. We hadn’t played outdoors for a long time.It was a very strange location because there was no audience except for Vicki Wickham and a few others. So we were playing virtually to nothing – to the sky, which was quite nice. They filmed downstairs in the street – and there were a lot of city gents looking up: ‘What’s that noise?’

Paul McCartney

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The rooftop of the Apple building, 3 Savile Row

This was the 1st and only concert played at The rooftop of the Apple building, 3 Savile Row.

Setlist for the concert





Danny Boy




God Save The Queen


A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody




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