Hull • Friday, February 11, 1972

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings University Tour
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United Kingdom
Hull University - West Refectory

Some songs from this concert appear on:

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Wings had spent the night in York, following their evening concert at the York University. After breakfast, they took the road to Hull, to see if they could play a gig there.

From York we went to Hull where they seemed to be sort of expecting us. We played in a theatre-type place. Henry went off his nut during his solo in ‘Mess I’m In’ and leapt around. I wore my baggy trousers for the first time. It felt better being on a stage than in a dining hall.

Paul McCartney – From the “Wings Over Europe” tour book

They performed in front of an audience of 800. An audience recording of the concert is available. From Paul McCartney After The Beatles: A Musical Appreciation, July 30, 2020:

The only other extant audience tape is from Hull University on the 11th February – two days after Nottingham. The recording is still poor by modern commercial standards, but better than that of Nottingham and only clips the very beginning of the opening number, Lucille.

After give Ireland Back To The Irish, Henry McCullough launches into a curious acapella version of the American traditional song Turkey In The Straw, which is identified on some CDs as Your Wee Tobacco Box, for some unknown reason.

We also get to hear Seaside Woman, introduced by Paul McCartney as “the first song she’s [Linda McCartney] ever written”. At this stage, the song is lacking the instrumental introduction that appears on the recording credited to Suzy and the Red Stripes in May, 1977. The track had been written by Linda McCartney during a family holiday in Jamaica in December 1971.

Seaside Woman is followed by a blues jam generically identified as Help Me on the unofficial release. It is in a major and Denny Laine’s harmonica work can be heard in the recording. Laine would later make a name for himself as a harmonica/blues harp player on such as Time to Hide on Wings At The Speed Of Sound (and later recorded live on Wings Over America).

This is followed by Some People Never Know; one of the best tracks from Wild Life. The verses on Wild Life are marked by close vocal harmonies, shared between Paul and Linda McCartney. These are, at the very least, attempted; but due to the quality of the recording, it is hard to know how effectively they were delivered. The gentle acoustic riffs in sixths on Wild Life sound rather clunky when transferred to electric guitar for this performance.

After Bip Bop, the band perform one of the weaker tracks that was to be recorded in the Red Rose Speedway sessions; Thank You Darling – rather lame outing around the standard I – vi – iv- V doo wop chord progression. This is redeemed by the subsequent performance of Smile Away, one of the grittier numbers from the 1971 Ram album. It seems to work well in this live setting. A soundboard recording of Smile Away the 28th August in Berlin from the 2018 Wings Over Europe boxed set confirms this view. My Love follows next, after a “one, two, three, four” count-in. Linda McCartney’s answering vocal phrases are more apparent than in the recording from Nottingham.

My Love is followed by a short tongue-in-cheek acapella rendering of The Grand Old Duke Of York. This leads into a rather meandering blues jam in A major. After Wild LifeGive Ireland Back To The Irish and Lucille are repeated from earlier in the show. McCartney proudly announces that Give Ireland Back To The Irish has been “banned by the BBC” and is to be released the following week.

After the concert, they stayed at the Hotel Pearson Park and would take a day off on the following day. Linda McCartney wrote the following notes in her diary summarizing this day:

$50 to union
after gig which went well
we had smoked salmon
salad sandwiches etc…

Linda McCartney’s diary – From “Wild Life” deluxe edition book, 2018
Linda McCartney’s diary – From “Wild Life” deluxe edition book, 2018

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Hull University - West Refectory

This was the 1st and only concert played at Hull University - West Refectory.

Setlist for the concert


Turkey In The Straw

Written by Traditional

Listed under the title "Your Wee Tobacco Box" on some bootlegs

Album Available on Wings First Flight


Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Written by Bill Monroe

Album Available on Wings First Flight


Seaside Woman

Written by Linda McCartney

Album Available on Wings First Flight


Help Me Darling

Written by Wings



Bip Bop

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

Album Available on Wings First Flight


Smile Away

Written by Paul McCartney

Album Available on Wings First Flight


My Love

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

Album Available on Wings First Flight



Henry's Blues

Written by Henry McCullough

Album Available on Wings First Flight





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Andrew Lynch 4 years ago

This show contains Help Me in addition to Help Me Darling.

The PaulMcCartney Project 4 years ago

Thanks @andrew. Isn't "Help" and "Help Me Darling" the same song (I've also had it listed as "You've Got To Help Me Darlin'") ?
Which is different than "Thank You Darling", performed also in this concert.

Steve Green 1 year ago

Good to read this. I was front of house for the Hull gig. Remember the yellow A4 posters announcing "Wings Surprise dance" which the band brought. Lots of suspicion when we put them up, "pulling our legs etc, its a rag stunt etc" sold out fast.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

WOW, thanks Steve. Awesome memories!

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