Oxford • Wednesday, February 23, 1972

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings University Tour
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Oxford University

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This was the eleventh and last performance of Wings’ University Tour. The reality of this concert is questioned though:

There isn’t much to reveal I’m afraid. Everyone in the band (including Paul) says the tour ended in Swansea. When I spoke to the various colleges in Oxford none had any record of a Wings concert in 1972. More on this in Vol.1 in October.

I have no idea where that information came from. Let’s just say, the diary of someone who was on the tour notes it ending in Swansea.

From McCARTNEY LEGACY on Twitter, February 16, 2022

Wings had planned to tour for another week, but they decided to stop after this date.

Denny Seiwell: At the end, we had been planning to go on another week, but the last few concerts showed it was time to take a break from playing the same material the same way under those pressures.

Denny Laine: Anybody who goes out with that kind of pressure can only do two weeks. The Moodies used to go to the States and do it all in two weeks. These three-month things wreck you.

From the “Wings Over Europe” tour book

About the setlist

The exact setlist for this concert (and for most of the concerts of the Wings’ university tour) is unknown. Only two audience recordings surfaced on bootlegs (one for the first concert of the tour, in Nottingham, on February 9, 1971; the other one for the concert in Hull, on February 11, 1971), even if all the concerts had been taped by the band.

The gigs were pretty much the same. We taped them all.

Denny Laine

We didn’t have many songs. To be precise, we had eleven, which – at about three minutes a song – is a 33 minute act. They wanted longer so we repeated things. ‘We’ve had a request to do Lucille. We did it earlier but now we’re gonna do it again for Jenny Babford on the science course’. Whatever. We just repeated things, especially our new single Give Ireland Back to the Irish. The gigs went quite well but it’s funny to look back and realise that we had such little material.

Paul McCartney – From “Wingspan: Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run

The setlists were a mix of new songs, oldies and some blues jams. Paul McCartney made sure to not play any Beatles song. It’s likely the setlist of this concert was similar to this:

Last updated on February 16, 2022

Oxford University

This was the 1st and only concert played at Oxford University.

Too bad, there is no song listed for this concert. If you've been there, help us fill the set list for this concert by writing a comment!

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