The Paul McCartney Project

Recording "Cry Baby Cry", "Helter Skelter"

Jul 18, 1968 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the The Beatles (Mono) Official album.
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EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road

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From Anthology 3 liner notes:

A couple of months before recording the White Album version of Helter Skelter, the Beatles taped three extended performances of this new Paul McCartney number, which – because of their length and unreleased status – have assumed legendary standing. Take 2, which runs in excess of 12 minutes, has been respectfully pruned to under five here, preserving the essential elements of what was, fundamentally, an impromptu jam. Following balance engineer Ken Scott’s “Take 2” announcement the band immediately begins the slow, insistent groove on top of which Paul adds his compelling vocal; the mix is mono to compensate for the track configuration on the original tape: all the instruments appeared on one track, the vocal was isolated on a second and the two remaining tracks were vacant.

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Songs recorded


Cry Baby Cry

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • SI onto take 12


Helter Skelter

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Take 1


Helter Skelter

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Take 2

Album Officially released on Anthology 3


Helter Skelter

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Take 3


Production staff

George Martin:
Ken Scott:
Richard Lush:
Second Engineer

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