Recording "Step Inside Love"

Tuesday, November 21, 1967 • For Cilla Black

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade Official album.
Chappell Recording Studios, London UK

Some songs from this session appear on:

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In late 1967, Paul McCartney was approached by Cilla Black and her series producer Michael Hurll to write the theme song for her new TV series, “Cilla.” Paul initially recorded a demo version of “Step Inside Loveat his London home, featuring just one verse and the chorus.

On this day, he joined Cilla Black at Chappell Recording Studios to begin the formal recording of the track. Prior to this, McCartney had already worked at Chappell Studios, recording “Catcall” with the Chris Barber Band on July 20, 1967, and “Your Mother Should Know” with The Beatles on August 22 and 23, 1967.

During the session, Cilla recorded an initial demo of the song with Paul accompanying her on acoustic guitar. This demo and Take 1, also captured during this session, were later released on the compilation “Cilla Black – 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade“.

Recently discovered while researching material for the Beatles Anthology CD releases, this original demo of “Step Inside Love” features Paul McCartney on acoustic guitar. Recording before final keys were set, we hear Cilla singing in a lower, warmer register. McCartney can clearly be heard humming over the bridge giving Cilla an idea of the song structure and arrangement. Issued here for the first time.

About “Step Inside Love” Original demo – From the liner notes of “Cilla Black – 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade

Recorded later the same day as the original demo, this fully orchestrated version differs remarkably from the more commercial sounding single release recorded some three months later. The most obvious difference is the Bossa Nova rhythm behind the verses, the instrumental bridge and ending. The chorus however sounds very similar to the final single release. Mixed and issued here for the first time

About “Step Inside Love” Take 1 – From the liner notes of “Cilla Black – 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade

In February / March 1968, some footage of this session was used in one of the promotional videos for “Lady Madonna”.

Initially, Cilla’s recording of “Step Inside Love” served as the theme song for her show, which premiered on January 30, 1968. However, it was eventually decided that the song required an additional verse. Paul visited the BBC Theatre and composed the new verse there. The released version of the song was subsequently recorded on February 28, 1968.

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Songs recorded


Step Inside Love

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Demo


Step Inside Love

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Take 1


Musicians on "Step Inside Love"

Paul McCartney:
Acoustic guitar
Cilla Black:

Production staff

George Martin:


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