Photo shoot for Q magazine

October 2009

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From, December 2, 2009:

Returning to the press office after a hard days work at the Bat Cave I was delighted to receive the new issue of Q Magazine. The issue is called The Artists Of The Century and features a Vanity Fair-style multi-artist lineup cover. […] When Paul did the photo shoot for the magazine a month or so go he was fooling around on the Hofner. The photographer asked if it was heavy and, without hesitation, Paul removed the iconic bass and passed it to the photographer. He said, Here you go, have a try. The photographer later told us just how nervous he felt at that point as it must be impossible to put a price on that guitar, but that hed dine out on that one! Pauls assistant, John, told us how Paul used to actually throw him the guitar during live shows and it would nearly give him a heart attack each time!

Stuart Bell

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