Mary McCartney’s “Moment of Affection” exhibition shows family photos

June 22 - August 4, 2022
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Château La Coste, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France

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From Moment of Affections – Mary McCartney  · News · Château La Coste Aix-en-Provence (

Château La Coste presents the first exhibition in France of Mary McCartney’s work. “Moment of Affection” traces thirty years of the British photographer’s career, from her beginnings to the present day, with more than twenty works from her personal archives.

Born in London in 1969, Mary McCartney has long dedicated her photographic work to portraiture, a practice in which she places her relationship with her model at the heart of the creative process.

The exhibition is inspired by a recurring theme in McCartney’s work: capturing rare and spontaneous moments of intimacy. Whether tender portraits of his family, photos driven by intense emotion, or poignant shots gleaned from nature, McCartney’s photographs share an immediacy and universality of great evocative power. Through fundamental themes such as love, desire and mourning, they evoke emotions and memories in the viewer.

“I’ve always looked at things weirdly; I would just be wandering around, seeing things, and composing them as pictures in my mind. I don’t know if that’s because my mother was a photographer but for as long as I can remember I would see things and think about them as a photograph, even if I didn’t have a camera with me.

“Growing up, I lived in London and we’d go around to photography galleries to see work by Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Lee Miller, Eve Arnold, Garry Winogrand, and Diane Arbus, classic photographers who caught my imagination with real moments. Then I moved towards portrait photography, immersing myself in the world of the corps de ballet dancers or Parisian nudes. I’m invited into people’s personal spaces to collaborate with them and there’s a lot of trust – an intimacy working together in front of the camera and communicating without necessarily having to say anything.

“That became something that gave me real satisfaction, and the circle is complete when I exhibit the pictures because I’m very aware of the viewer and their reaction. When I’m photographing I have the viewer in mind, and I imagine what they’re going to feel about the piece once it’s shown. I can tell you the story of how this photograph came about, but that almost doesn’t matter. The viewer will have an impression of something that may be a captured memory of their past or makes them think of a story behind it, and that completes the process.

“When I’m looking at a photograph, I fill in all those gaps and that’s what I’m aiming for the viewer to do. For me, photography is so powerful because it’s graphic. There’s a picture of a woman and a man’s feet – you can feel a tactile quality and tell there’s something else going on. Even though it looks quite simple, it evokes an emotion, a ‘moment of affection.’ It’s quite poignant.

“I come across moments like Family Circle, Sussex. We were visiting my dad for the weekend and I had just had my first child. I walked in and they were asleep on the sofa. I find it quite unusual because family photos are usually like, ‘Come on everyone – smile!’ But this is a very open and honest moment between grandfather and grandson, one of complete trust and comfort.

“Going back to the beginning of my archive to the present day reminds me that the same themes would keep coming back to me. I felt inspired to do more, to get out, explore, and connect with people at this time when we are coming out of the world that we’ve been living in. It’s great to be sharing my work again after such a long time. It feels like coming out of hibernation.”

Mary McCartney – From Mary McCartney’s Cinematic Photos of Love and Affection | AnOther (
From Mary McCartney (@marymccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Happy to announce my upcoming exhibition at Château La Coste (France) this Summer x Mary

‘It’s a summer’s day, back from a horse ride – I can tell by what Dad is wearing. I am visiting with my newborn first baby. Dad comes into the living room of the home I have grown up in. He lays down with his grandchild and they both fall asleep together. Both uninhibited, a feeling of trust and safely compels me to take this photo. In the low light, so as not to disturb’

Mary McCartney – From ‘Holding on to the moment’: Mary McCartney shares her most intimate photos – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

From Mary McCartney: Moment of Affection | AnOther ( – Mother and Sister

‘Back at home in Sussex, visiting the house I had grown up in. My sister and I sitting in bed with Mum one morning. Mum had such natural beauty, her elegant hands, her blonde hair, her soft skin. She cuddles Stella up in her arms and kisses the top of her head with such love. Both holding on to this moment. That will always exist’

Mary McCartney – From ‘Holding on to the moment’: Mary McCartney shares her most intimate photos – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

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