Paul McCartney’s boots auctioned for Meat Free Monday

May 24 to 31, 2024

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Estimate price between 10,000 and 15,000 GBP, but apparently failed to sell.

As it was time for me to get myself a new pair of boots I thought this might be a good way to help our Meat Free Monday campaign celebrate its 15th anniversary. Me and my boots have great memories of that special evening at the Olympic opening ceremony in London. It was a high to be involved with such an awesome and spectacular event. Something I’ll remember forever.

Paul McCartney

From Sotheby’s to auction Paul McCartney’s boots for Meat Free Monday – Meat Free Monday (, May 13, 2024:

Paul McCartney’s custom-made stage boots, which he wore for his performance at the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s, for Sotheby’s Sealed from 24th to 31st May as part of the Modern British take-over. They will also be on display in the New Bond Street galleries in London, alongside Graham Sutherland’s study of Winston Churchill and works by Lowry and Henry Moore.

The boots, versions of which are still worn on stage by Paul to this day, were based on the iconic Beatle boots made famous around the world by Paul and The Beatles in the 1960s. Unlike the original boots, this pair (and versions worn by Paul today) were crafted from alternative suede by Steven Lowe for Crispinians based in Eastbourne. Originally made by Anello and Davide, a footwear company specialising in theatrical footwear, the Beatle boots were an offshoot of the classic Chelsea boot.

Paul and his fellow Beatles made some alterations to create a style that became a sought-after fashion accessory, evolving throughout Paul’s career and now made without any animal products, as he continues wearing them to perform, while filling stadiums around the world.

In 2012, accompanied by his trusty boots, not only did Paul bring the spectacular London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to a close to millions around the world, he also performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace. The boots were also worn during Paul’s ‘On the Run’ tour – which went to Europe, South America, US and Canada, and Mexico, US and Canada, and at a huge free outdoor show in Mexico City to over 400,000 people.

Paul McCartney said, “As it was time for me to get myself a new pair of boots I thought this might be a good way to help our Meat Free Monday campaign celebrate its 15th anniversary. Me and my boots have great memories of that special evening at the Olympic opening ceremony in London. It was a high to be involved with such an awesome and spectacular event. Something I’ll remember forever.”

Estimated at between £10,000 to £15,000, the boots are being sold to raise money for Meat Free Monday, helping to fund education resources, marketing, research, plant-based cooking workshops and special events that celebrate our planet and encourage everyone to do their part to fight climate change.

Sotheby’s Chairman of Europe, Oliver Barker, said: “A true musical icon, Paul McCartney’s style has influenced popular culture over six decades, and Sotheby’s is thrilled to be the first auction house to offer a piece from Paul’s personal collection, further establishing our status as the auction house of choice for the finest film and music artefacts.”

His sentiments were echoed by Sotheby’s Head of Rock, Pop and Film; Popular Culture, Katherine Schofield, who also added: “To have the opportunity to showcase Paul McCartney’s stage worn boots, based on the legendary Beatle boot, in our galleries on New Bond Street in London – the city where they were worn for his iconic performance at the London 2012 opening ceremony, closing the show with a rendition of Beatles classic ‘Hey Jude’ to millions around the world, will be a very special moment as part of Sotheby’s Modern British take over.”

From Paul McCartney’s Personally Owned & Stage-Worn Tour Boots (

Made for the On The Run World Tour, the pair of bespoke black boots produced by shoe-maker Steven Lowe of Crispinians, with design modifications from Paul, pointed-toe and 2-inch Cuban-style heel, in alter-suede with champagne-gold interior lining made from alter-mat (vegan alternative to animal leather), each boot with ankle fastening, inner side zip and rubber sole accompanied by a letter signed by Paul McCartney on personalised letter-headed paper, Size 8

Provenance: Offered directly by Paul McCartney.

Sotheby’s is proud to present this pair of stage-worn tour boots: designed and offered directly by Paul McCartney from his personal archive, and sold to support the Meat Free Monday campaign.

Designed for his On The Run world tour, and worn on stage for the finale of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. McCartney led the sold-out stadium and one of the largest television audiences in history in a career highlight, the hotly anticipated performance of ‘The End’ and ‘Hey Jude’ concluding one of the most memorable opening ceremonies of all time. Retained by Paul, the tour boots are being offered for auction directly from his archive. We would like to thank MPL Communications for their with assistance cataloguing this lot.

From Paul McCartney’s Personally Owned & Stage-Worn Tour Boots (

Each aspect of Paul’s tour wardrobe is meticulously designed, often with his direct involvement in the design process. Such is the case with the present boots: the combination of pointed-toes, ankle-high build and low Cuban-style heel are all strongly evocative of the ‘Beatle’ boot which he had helped to popularise some 50 years earlier.

After first acquiring a pair of Chelsea boots from Anello & Davide in the early 1960’s, Paul McCartney and his bandmates commissioned a narrower variation with the addition of a Cuban-heel, to complete their new and besuited stage look. This instantly recognisable Beatles style can be seen in a myriad of promotional images, stage performances, and film appearances including A Hard Day’s Night (1964), becoming a key symbol of Beatlemania and the fashion of the Swinging Sixties. The ‘Beatle’ boot was worn by artists including The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix among many others. As Mick Fleetwood aptly summarised: “They were a cool thing before the Beatles, but afterwards they were mandatory”.

In this way, the present pair of boots were designed to be representative of the earlier years of Paul’s accomplished and enduring musical career; a stylish reminder of his influence on over five decades of music and culture, which continues to this day.

The stage suit worn at the Opening Ceremony was similarly intentional in style, bearing the Olympic rings on the sleeve cuffs. It was made by Stella McCartney, who also designed the distinctive kit for the Team GB Athletics kit.

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