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From giginjapan:

In February 1964 Epstein ‘s strategy was taken to suppress the exposure and raise the feeling of hunger for the fan by only two performances and television appearances, which is the only time in February 1964. And in the summer nationwide tour which will be the second visit to the United States, in contrast to that, I spent a live time almost every day from August 19th to September 20th on a daily schedule every day. This hard schedule chooses a big venue instead of reducing the number the following year, resulting in a legendary concert such as a share stadium. From the national tour of the beginning of 1964, this work has recorded August 22 Vancouver performance.

August 22, 1964 The Vancouver performance is located at the tour’s 4th performance and early stage, and it is the first concert in Canada and the Beatles should also show the place where the Beatles entered. It is speculated that there was an intention to keep the sound source in this way as well as the first Canadian domestic concert and the local radio station as a record.

While the moderator at the beginning talks about the notes during the concert, the audience seems to be listening carefully, but the introduction to the “Beatles!” And high screams will fill the venue. Like in the United States, Canada also said that the popularity of the Beatles was boiling. The show opens with a dense “Twist And Shout” that does not make you feel tired with the early stages of the tour. Paul seems to be enjoying this nationwide performance as well as it feels like the enthusiasm that you must succeed anyway. For Paul’s chorus or singing, it seems like a certain kind of sharpness against John’s vocal which makes me feel a little nervous. The singing out of “All My Loving” should be a low voice, but it is expressing it that it has turned upward in this way. “Things We Said Today” is a masterpiece, lyrics are sneaking away from the head of Paul, and it is interesting that it is becoming a lyrics of a lyrics while thinking on the spot. I can see that he was laughing and squirting while singing whether he was also funny. “The next song is” Hard Days Night “! “As John announced, and then began with Jang, scenes where moderators pay attention to the audience are recorded.

What is mysterious here is that “I want to hug” is not played. It is the most famous song of the Beatles at the time that won the number 1 in the United States, and it was a song that became a pillar of advance to the United States. In the second half of the concert, it is played between “Falling in love” and “Boys”, but it is not included in the sound source of this Vancouver performance. Although there is no trace of cutting in the middle, it is hard to think, but not only on this day but early in the tour on this day, I wonder if “I want to hug” actually did not play. It is not a “record if you want to listen to”, but is it a strategy to urge record purchase without playing it on purpose, is it too much puncture? Either way, it seems that I did not play on this day because I wanted to embrace “I want to hug” also in another sound source as described later.

This work is recording the Vancouver performance of August 22, 1964 in two kinds of sources. The first half was a famous sound source since ancient and was famous for analogs that are posted on the top of the band. This work is not an analog dropout, but it is recorded from the tape source. Added pitch adjustment to the original tape source, using the best possible master. Omoto is the same as that used for the set of “Mr. Claudel label” FIRST NORTH AMERICAN TOUR “(3CD + 2 DVD), but this time with a remaster and a fine modification are newly applied. In the second half, the audience sauce of this Vancouver performance is also included. Even though it was an audience source, it was not recorded by an amateur from the audience seat but by a staff member of a radio station telling the state of the day. An announcement etc. that conveys the pattern of the concert in the middle will be entered, but it is very valuable as a separate source of the performance. Even so, I said that it was a radio report and recorded the concert fully, probably this staff did not do the job, he saw the concert, he probably kept turning the tape.

From the national tour of the beginning of 1964 August 22 Vancouver performance recorded by the local radio station recorded original version with tape · source. We also announced an audience sound source that reports live broadcasts of concerts and reports. Both are decision boards of the same performance recorded with the latest remastered sound source with fine modifications. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


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