Gemeente Groningen 1972

Valkyrie Records

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Track list

Disc 1

Disc 2


Groningen Soundcheck


Tuning And Setting


Concert From the concert in Groningen, Netherlands on Aug 19, 1972


Gröna Lund Stockholm Sweden August 7, 1972




Concert From the concert in Stockholm, Sweden on Aug 07, 1972


From giginjapan:

From the European Tour of Wings 1972, the Netherlands recorded the Groningen performance on August 19, 1972. It is rare to play a song called “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” between “Wild Life” and “My Love”. It wasn’t something I played a little while at a play, but I was playing in a band properly. The same song was played only for this day on this tour. Moreover, this work not only records the sound check sound source of the day as well as the concert. At the moment the sound check sound source of 1972 has been confirmed and it is a valuable thing that only the one recorded in this work. On the contrary, it seems like a miracle that such sound sources remain. The appearance of checking the break part of “The Mess” many times is very fresh. The bonus track contains the Stockholm concert on August 7, 1972. A permanent press with beautif


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