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Live In Groningen - August 19, 1972

By Paul McCartney & WingsUnofficial live


  • Publisher: DarthDisc
  • Reference: DD 009

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  1. Instrumental

From liner notes:

The Wings show on this CD was transferred from a previously unbooted open reel tape marked “Wings In Paris 1972“. But collectors will recognize the performance, or at least, part of it. Sections of it appeared on the rare “Oriental Nightfish” vinyl bootleg, and a longer segment has changed hands on tape. In both cases, the show was identified as “Sweden“. Actually, it appears to be neither Sweden nor Paris, although we cannot be entirely sure exactly what it is. McCartney makes no location references during the show, but us heard saying “dank u” – thank you, in Dutch. We have (at least) extractions from most of the 1972 Dutch shows, and the performances here do not match those. One show that had not made the rounds was Groningen (although we do have part of a sound-check). So putting 2 and 2 (or maybe 1 and 3/4) together, we’re guessing that this is that long lost Groningen Show. Or most of it. This tape plays a good deal longer than the copied down “Sweden” tape, and it includes a true anomaly: A version of “Will The Cirlce Be Unbroken” – a song not known to have appeared on any other Wings set list – is heard where the band more typically broke into “Turkey In the Straw“. The Tape is not complete. Missing is the closing segment, “Maybe I’m Amazed“, “Hi Hi Hi“, and “Long Tall Sally.” Oddly, “Best Friend” was missing from this source as well. But it had been included in the so called “Sweden” tape, so the performance from that source was restored to its place here. – Neo, 2001

From Collectors Music Review:

The sound quality is fair to good with significant amounts of distortion except for “Best Friend” which is poor.  As a rare tape from a poorly documented period it is good, but the lo-fi experience means it won’t be played too often.  This has the set list from the era except that “Henry’s Blues,” which normally follows “I Am Your Singer,” was dropped.  The performance, a mixture of songs from the first two Wings albums, his latest singles “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” and several covers, is low key and delivered at a quick pace.

Paul McCartney writing

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