Pop Go The Beatles • Tuesday, July 16, 1963

Radio showBy The Beatles • Part of the BBC Sessions • Recorded Jul 02, 1963
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United Kingdom
BBC Maida Vale, Studio Number 5
Recording date:
Jul 02, 1963
Broadcast date:

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From Anthology 1 liner notes:

The success of Please Please Me and From Me To You gave the Beatles such a rapid ascendancy that, just eleven months after singing with Parlophone, they were offered their own weekly radio series by the BBC – and this at a time when pop music was severely rationed on the nation’s airwaves. Pop Goes The Beatles was transmitted in 15 half-hour editions, from 4 June to 24 September 1963, each one featuring music recorded by the group exclusively in the Corporation’s studios. Throughout the series, as with their other early BBC broadcasts, the Beatles made a conscious effort to perform the songs that had been the backbone of their former stage act, the period when they performed other people’s music more than their own.

In the fifth edition of Pop Goes The Beatles the Beatles performed six songs, four of which – That’s All Right Mama, Carol, Soldier Of Love and Clarabella – were included on the multi-platinum 1994 album Live At The BBC. A fifth number, the only extant recording of the group performing Lend Me Your Comb, is released here for the first time. Although not written by Carl Perkins, his influential version was issued in December 1956 on the flip-side of single Glad All Over – another song recorded by the Beatles and issued on Live At The BBC.

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BBC Maida Vale, Studio Number 5

This was the 2nd concert played at BBC Maida Vale, Studio Number 5.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 1963Jun 25thJul 16th

Setlist for the concert


Pop Go The Beatles



Written by Chuck Berry

Album Available on The Beatles At The Beeb - Volume 4

Album Available on The BBC Archives Volume 4



Pop Go The Beatles


Ask Me Why

Written by Lennon - McCartney


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