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Secret gig at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms • Saturday, June 9, 2018

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Philharmonic Dining Rooms

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Come On To Me

First live rendition


Paul spent this Saturday in Liverpool along with English television host James Corden, filming an instance of Corden’s show Carpool Karaoke. He was seen in Penny Lane, at his old house in Forthlin Road, on Pier Head taking a photo with a younger self.

The day ended with a gig at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub, where Sir Paul debuted an upbeat new song, likely from his upcoming new album. From, June 10, 2018:

When audience members shouted that they were celebrating a 60th birthday that day, McCartney said: “Today? Alright, we’ve got a song for you.” And to the assembled crowd: “Would you like to hear some new stuff?  This hasn’t been released yet, but for you, this is the first time we’ve played it for anybody.” (One site ID’d the title as “When I Come Home to You.”)

From Liverpool Echo, June 8, 2018:

Television tickets company SRO Audiences is looking for Liverpool people for a secret gig with a ‘global superstar’. […]

Details for the event in Liverpool this weekend are under wraps but all will be revealed to the lucky few who are chosen to be audience members.

The mystery show will take place on Saturday, June 9 from 2.30pm to 4.30pm , so those who apply for free tickets must be available at this time.

From Variety, June 11, 2018:

June 9 was shaping up to be just another Liverpool Beatles tour workday for tour guide Jackie Spencer, who takes fans to sites in the Fab Four’s hometown. But when the small group stopped at the statue of the four Beatles on the Liverpool waterfront, two very unexpected guests joined them, she said.

“We’d had a lovely morning. I had four people with me, from Washington State and California, and we were finishing the tour by the new statues,” said Spencer in a phone interview Sunday. “There was a couple of paparazzi around and we said to one of them, ‘Who’s the celebrity in town?’ We’d heard rumors but nobody would tell us. And then this guy said, ‘Well, I’ll tell you one of them: It’s James Corden. He’s with somebody else and they’re in that car over there.’”

That’s when things got interesting. “And the next minute,” she said, “this black car pulls up and both Paul McCartney and James Corden get out of it!” A rep for McCartney confirmed to Variety that the two were filming an episode of “Carpool Karaoke” that will air next week, although it’s unclear whether the segment will air part of “The Late Late Show” or the standalone “Carpool Karaoke.”

Spencer said McCartney usually visits the city for the graduation of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), of which he is a co-founder, and those visits are usually known in advance. “This visit was a shock because we didn’t know he was here. And he just walked to us as we were taking the pictures. About 30-40 people were around, maybe. And he just stood and got pictures with everybody at the statue. He stood by himself.”

She said she believed it was his first visit to the statues, which were sculpted by Andrew Edwards and unveiled in 2015 for the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ final concert in the city.

“He was being really nice to everybody. He was backing people in so they could get pictures with him. He and James Corden were taking selfies. And they just walked back, got in the car and disappeared off and went ’round Liverpool. It was fabulous.”

Besides the visit to the statues, he and Corden dropped by Penny Lane, where he put his autograph on one of the street signs and visited his birth home at 20 Forthlin Road. Spencer said someone at the house told her that he went into the house and played ‘When I’m 64’ on the piano.

McCartney also did a short show at a pub called Philharmonic Hall that included a song he said he’d never played before. He didn’t reveal the title, but videos of the song, a rocker, have popped up on various social media sites and the words include a chorus that sounded like “If you come home to me.” The Sun reported that the song will be featured on McCartney’s next album — the first of his third stint on Capitol Records, which is expected to be announced soon.

Penny Lane – Mark Ashworth, blogger at, points out the spot where Paul has signed.
From Mark Ashworth – Detail of Paul’s signature on a Penny Lane sign

About visiting 20 Forthlin Road, from Variety, June 20, 2018:

McCartney told BBC interviewer Jo Whiley Wednesday that doing the “Carpool Karaoke” segment was fun, but going back to his childhood home was an emotional experience. “They’ve made (it) into a National Trust house and I’d always heard about it and what I would do normally when I’m up in Liverpool, I’ll just drive up and pull up outside it and then say to whoever I’m with in the car, “OK, that was my old room there, this is where we used to live” and I’ll tell them a few stories and I’d drive off – I’d never go in. But James wanted to go in, so for the first time since I lived there, we went in and wow – it was kind of shocking,” he said. “But it was great. It was really exciting to go round – ‘Oh, there’s where my dad washed the dishes’ and all this. It sparked off a lot of nice memories for me.

Visit at 20 Forthlin Road – unknown credit
Visit at 20 Forthlin Road – unknown credit
Paul McCartney and James Corden take a selfie in front of the Beatles statue (pic: Kenny Brew)
From Twitter – It’s not every day you spot one of the Fab 4 in #FilmLiverpool! ?Anybody know what they’re filming? ??#4ForLiverpool #PaulMcCartney
From Twitter – It’s happening!#CarpoolKaraoke with @PaulMcCartney premieres next week during our four nights in London!
@ Carmen Villoria
From Twitter – @mike_dps – My head has fallen off. Just seen Paul McCartney play a gig to 50 people in the Philharmonic pub in Liverpool. Absolutely made my life. Thank you for the music Paul . The Beatles X X X

About James Corden from Wikipedia:

James Kimberley Corden OBE (born 22 August 1978) is an English actor, writer, producer, comedian, television host, and singer. He hosts The Late Late Show with James Corden, a late-night television talk show on CBS.

About Carpool Karaoke, from Wikipedia:

Carpool Karaoke is a recurring segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden in which James Corden, the host of the show, invites famous musical guests to sing along to their songs with him whilst he is driving on a planned route usually in Los Angeles, under the pretense of needing to get to work and preferring to use the high-occupancy vehicle lane.

About the venue, from Wikipedia:

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms is a public house at the corner of Hope Street and Hardman Street in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, and stands diagonally opposite the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. It is commonly known as The Phil. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II* listed building.

[…] The interior is decorated in musical themes that relate to the nearby concert hall. These decorations are executed on repoussé copper panels designed by Bare and by Thomas Huson, plasterwork by C. J. Allen, mosaics, and items in mahogany and glass. Two of the smaller rooms are entitled Brahms and Liszt. Of particular interest to visitors is the high quality of the gentlemen’s urinals, constructed in “a particularly attractive roseate marble”.

[…] Pollard and Pevsner, in the Buildings of England series, state that it is the most richly decorated of Liverpool’s Victorian public houses, and that “it is of exceptional quality in national terms”. The Grade II* listing means that it is included among “particularly important buildings of more than special interest”. Pye describes it as one of Liverpool’s “architectural gems”. […]

The exact order of songs in the setlist is not known.

Last updated on October 6, 2018

Philharmonic Dining Rooms

This was the 1st and only concert played at Philharmonic Dining Rooms.

Setlist for the concert

The setlist for this concert is incomplete, or we have not be able to confirm in an accurate way that this was the setlist. If you have any clue, pls let us know and leave a comment.



Love Me Do

Written by Lennon - McCartney



Written by Lennon - McCartney



Hey Jude

Written by Lennon - McCartney


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David Atwell 1 years ago

List of songs from The Egypt Station Promo Tour 1 -
Secret Gig at the Philharmonic Pub, Liverpool, June 9, 2018
Audio Disc Two
Soundboard source:

01. A Hard Day's Night 0:41
02. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 0:50
03. Drive My Car 1:10
04. Come On To Me 1:17
05. Love Me Do 1:23
06. I Wanna Be Your Man 1:08
07. Back in the U.S.S.R. 2:01
08. Birthday 1:28
09. Lady Madonna 1:19
10. Hey Jude (with James Corden) 2:34

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 years ago

Thanks @david... mmhh, a shorter setlist then ... I'll have to check that again ! Thanks