"McCartney II" sessions #2

September - October 1979 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the McCartney II Official album.
EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Songs recorded




Paul McCartney spent the summer of 1979 recording tracks at home, which would end up forming the McCartney II album. In September / October, he moved to Abbey Road studios for the mixing of those tracks, with the assistance of Eddie Klein.

It was during the mixing of the recordings in Number 2 studio when I became more involved with the project. Paul did all the mixing and my role was simply that of second engineer and technician. […] I don’t remember how long the mixing process took though it was probably no longer than a week, two at most. Paul then mixed the short edit pieces required for transitions from one song to another.

Eddie Klein – From the McCartney II Archive Collection
From puremccartney.com – PAUL RECORDING ‘MCCARTNEY II’, EAST SUSSEX, 1979
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