"McCartney" session at Morgan Studios

Feb 12 to ~20, 1970 • For Paul McCartney

Part of

Recording "McCartney"

December 1969 to March 1970 • Songs recorded during this session appear on McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the McCartney LP.
Timeline More from year 1970
Morgan Studios, London, UK

Master album

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From Wikipedia:

On 12 February, McCartney took his Studer tapes to Morgan Studios, in the north-west London suburb of Willesden, in order to copy all the four-track recordings onto eight-track tape, to allow for further overdubbing. Keen to maintain secrecy about the project, McCartney worked at Morgan under the pseudonym “Billy Martin”. By this point, he had also taped “Junk” and “Teddy Boy” at Cavendish Avenue, two songs he began writing during the Beatles’ 1968 visit to India and had rehearsed with the band in January 1969. The other recordings transferred to eight-track included “Glasses” – a sound effects piece featuring “wineglasses played at random“, in McCartney’s description – and “Singalong Junk“, an instrumental version of “Junk” to which he now added a strings part played on a Mellotron. Among other overdubs on these eight-track mixes, McCartney supplied a vocal to the previously instrumental “Oo You“.

While at Morgan, he also taped “Hot as Sun“, a “Polynesian-influenced” instrumental dating from the late 1950s, according to author Bruce Spizer, and “Kreen-Akrore“, which Sounes describes as an “experimental percussion track“. Begun on 12 February, “Kreen-Akrore” was McCartney’s attempt to sonically describe a hunt by the Kreen-Akrore tribespeople of the Brazilian Amazon, after he had watched an ATV documentary on their way of life. Amid musical interludes featuring electric guitar, organ and piano, McCartney used a bow and arrow he purchased at the Knightsbridge department store Harrods, according to engineer Robin Black. The latter was among the few people who knew that McCartney was making a solo album.

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Songs recorded


Hot As Sun

Written by Paul McCartney




Written by Paul McCartney



Oo You

Written by Paul McCartney



Teddy Boy

Written by Paul McCartney



Singalong Junk

Written by Paul McCartney


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