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Saturday, January 3, 1970

Recording "I Me Mine" for the "Get Back" album (4th compilation)

For The Beatles

Last updated on January 12, 2022

The last time the four Beatles were together in a recording studio was on August 20, 1969. A month later, on September 20, John Lennon announced to the other Beatles that he was leaving the band.

But, on this day (and the day after), Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were back at Abbey Road to work on the still unreleased “Get Back” album and record George’s song “I Me Mine“. John Lennon was on holiday in Denmark at the time.

On January 8, 1969, during the “Get Back” sessions at Twickenham, George was filmed playing “I Me Mine” on acoustic guitar to Ringo. After that, the song had not been worked on at all during the later sessions at Apple Studios. As director Michael Lindsay-Hogg had decided to include George playing “I Me Mine” in the upcoming documentary about those sessions, it was decided that the song had to appear on the accompanying album and needed to be properly recorded.

During this session which lasted from 2:30 pm to 12:15 am, the three Beatles recorded sixteen takes of the basic track of “I Me Mine“, with George on acoustic guitar (track 4) and guide vocal (track 7), Paul on bass (track 3) and Ringo on drums (tracks 1 and 2).

Between take 6 and 7, they relaxed and performed an instrumental jam.

Before take 11, they went through a brief cover of The Everly Brothers’ “Wake Up Little Susie” (released on the “Let It Be” 50th anniversary boxset in 2021, along with take 11). And before take 12, George led the two others through a version of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue Got Married“.

Before take 15, George invented and declaimed a mock press statement in reference to John’s absence:

George: You all will have read that Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Mickey and Tich and I would just like to carry on the good work that’s always gone down in number two.

Paul: What Dozy says goes for me and Tich!

This remark made reference to the English beat band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, and the recent press announcement (in September 1969) that Dave Dee was leaving the band.

The last take, Take 16, was considered to be the best, and they added overdubs onto it. From beatlesebooks.com:

First off, Ringo’s drums from tracks 1 and 2 were combined onto track 8, Paul recording an electric piano part onto track 1 and George recording an electric guitar part onto track 2. Onto track 5, George and Paul performed acoustic guitar licks simultaneously with George adding yet another lead guitar part in places where the acoustic guitars were not heard. Onto track 6, Paul performed an impressive Hammond organ part, while George’s lead vocals were recorded onto track 7 along with Paul’s harmony during the “I-I-I-me-me-mine” section (documented as the “bop piece”). One final overdub was performed on this day, this being George double-tracking his final lyric “All through your life, I me mine” onto track 2 where no lead guitar work was present. Interestingly, photographic evidence from this day shows George playing John’s Epiphone Casino guitar in his absence, this quite possibly being the electric guitar used on this recording.

This take 16 including overdubs was released on “Anthology 3” in 1996 and also included the mock press statement invented by George:

Pre-take 15 and take 16. A quick run-through of George Harrison’s I Me Mine (shot in early January 1969 during the Twickenham rehearsal period of the Get Back project) was set for inclusion in the Let It Be film, indicating that it also should feature on the accompanying album. But as the song had never been committed to tape with any serious endeavour the Beatles convened again in number two studio at EMI – some five months after completing final album Abbey Road – and recorded their last new piece together. (The word “new” is an important qualifier, for work polishing up previously recorded material for Let It Be continued through to April.) But not all of the Beatles participated: John Lennon was on holiday, his absence prompting a telling remark – like a mock press statement – from George during the session, which precedes this Anthology recording.

From the liner notes of “Anthology 3”

Proper mixing would be done by Glyn Johns on January 5. At this stage, “I Me Mine” lasted 1’34”. It would be 51-seconds longer when released on the “Let It Be” album, after having been re-edited and re-produced by Phil Spector.

From Facebook – Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!.
From Paul and George in 1970 – The Daily Beatle (webgrafikk.com): For Paul’s birthday today, George Harrison’s Twitter account published a never before seen photo of Paul and George. Judging from their hairstyles, it must have been taken at the January 3-4, 1970 session for the re-recording of George’s «I Me Mine» for the upcoming Let It Be album. The song was recorded as a trio with Paul, George and Ringo, as John was away in Denmark. Also, he had left the group. This is the first time this, or any other photo from this recording session has been published. […]
From Meet the Beatles for Real: Let it Be Sessions – 1970

Session activities

  1. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 1

  2. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 2

  3. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 3

  4. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 4

  5. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 5

  6. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 6

  7. Instrumental jam


  8. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 7

  9. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 8

  10. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 9

  11. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 10

  12. Wake Up Little Susie

    Written by Felice Bryant, Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant


    AlbumOfficially released on Let It Be (50th anniversary boxset)

  13. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 11

    AlbumOfficially released on Let It Be (50th anniversary boxset)

  14. Peggy Sue Got Married

    Written by Buddy Holly


  15. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 12

  16. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 13

  17. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 14

  18. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 15

  19. I Me Mine

    Written by George Harrison

    Recording • Take 16

    AlbumOfficially released on Anthology 3


Musicians on "I Me Mine"

Production staff

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Chris • 2 months ago

January 3, 1970 Jam Session (1 & 2)

Apparently A Warm Up Before Continuing Another Take Of "I Me Mine".

And In This Jam You'll Hear A Hint Of McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed




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