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Released in 1969

Voyage Of The Moon

Written by Donovan

Last updated on September 26, 2021

Album This song officially appears on the Post Card (UK version - Stereo) LP.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1969

Timeline This song was recorded in 1968

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Voyage Of The Moon” is a song written by Donovan and recorded by Mary Hopkin for her debut album “Post Card” released in 1969. Paul McCartney produced the whole album and played acoustic guitar on this track.

‘Voyage Of The Moon’ is just as accomplished [as ‘Lord Of The Reedy River‘], as Mary takes delicate steps over the twin guitars of McCartney and [Donovan] Leitch.

From the liner notes of the 2010 reissue of “Post Card“:

I had hardly heard this one before I sang it in the studio. The way we did it was that there were just the three of us, Paul and Don playing guitar — it’s a Donovan song — and I sang it straight from Don’s book the one in which he writes them down. It was such a lovely song that maybe if I learned it, it wouldn’t have meant so much. This way, I just sang it straight out and it seemed to come so naturally. It’s a beautiful song full of lovely pictures and images. Maybe they don’t come across, to other people, but I could feel them while I was singing.

Mary Hopkin – From New Musical Express, February 22, 1969

We recorded this one at EMI. It was a Friday night, and Don just came into the studio. We’d recorded sin “Happiness Runs” earlier in the week and we thought how about asking him if he’s got anymore. He said how about these, and got out his big book! It’s a terrific feeling singing Donovan songs, because they’ve got so much in them.

Mary Hopkin – From New Musical Express, February 22, 1969

The three songs by Donovan are among the favourites on the LP… I like Donovan’s songs very much. One is ‘Happiness Runs.’ It’s just about happiness — a lighthearted song with orchestral accompaniment. But I also play guitar all the way through. ‘Voyage Of The Moon’ is a typical lovely Donovan song. This features two guitars behind the vocal. They’re played by Paul McCartney and Donovan. I don’t play here. I just sing. Donovan does a bit of singing from time to time. If you listen hard you can hear him. And Paul also plays a little bit on other tracks. The third Donovan song is called ‘Lord Of The Reedy River’, again accompanied by Donovan and Paul. This is a very soft and dreamy thing.

Mary Hopkin – From Melody Maker – December 28, 1968


The moon is like a boat, my love

Of lemon peel afloat, my love

And with a?sail?of gauze, my?love

She seems to slightly pause

Upon her?silent way

While on her starry way

I see her pearly decks, my love

Set in with diamond specks, my love

I see her pearly mast, my love

Far from her seashell past

And softly does she sway

While on her starry way

Of silk they have been spun, my love

Her ropes that limply run, my love

Down to her carved prow, my love

Down to her mermaid prow

And gently does she sway

While on her starry way

She seems to linger long, my love

As if spelled by a song, my love

But know she tarries not, my love

Her journey unforgot

She makes her starry way

She makes her starry way

All in the sea of sky, my love

The moonships sail and fly, my love

And many are their kind, my love

Though all need but one wind

To make their starry ways

To make their starry ways

And there will come a time, my love

Oh, may it be in mine, my love

When men will proudly rise, my love

And board to sail the skies

Moonships from all the spheres

Moonships from all the spheres

The men be bathed in light, my love

The women clothed in white, my love

All in that wonderous fleet, my love

As each the other meets

Will smile and softly sing

Will smile and softly sing

And on some distant sand, my love

The ships will gently land, my love

Fair folk will meet them there, my love

With flowing golden hair

And great will be their joy

And great will be their joy

The moon is like a boat, my love

Of lemon peel afloat, my love

And with a sail of gauze, my love

She seems to slightly pause


  • A Stereo version
  • A1 Mono version
  • A2010 2010 remaster

Officially appears on


Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.

Paul McCartney writing

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