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Saturday, December 9, 1967

Allen Klein says the Beatles might join his new record label

Last updated on May 2, 2024

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On December 9, 1967, Billboard published an article announcing that Allen Klein, the Rolling Stones’ business manager, was to create a new record label and that The Beatles might join it. A week later, Nathan Weiss, president of NEMPRA Artists Ltd., the American representative of NEMS, dismissed this, saying, “The Beatles are contracted to EMI for eight and one-half years and plan no association with Klein.

Allen Klein ultimately succeeded in becoming The Beatles’ business manager in February 1968.

Klein Drops a Label -Sets One With Stones

LONDON — Allen Klein, Cameo/Parkway Records president, is folding one label and starting another. Klein was here last week to set up a label with the Rolling Stones, who he manages. At the same time he announced the discontinuation of Wyncote Records, a C/P 98-cent label.

Another purpose for Klein’s visit is to negotiate a new licensee for Cameo/Parkway. Klein said, “There is a strong possibility that this new company of the Stones will be connected with Cameo/Parkway, though the group will operate the label.

He indicated that the Beatles might be principal in the new label. The Stones will not record for the new label as they have a long-term contract with British Decca. Previously, the Beatles discussed a production deal with the Stones, which a spokesman for Nems, the Beatles management confirmed, adding that any announcement on the venture was “too premature.

If such a venture does go through, the Beatles could not record for the company, as their EMI contract has eight more years to run. Klein said he was dropping the Wyncote line to concentrate on his two prime U. S. labels. Cameo and Parkway. This week U. S. distributors were informed that C/P is dropping the line. Elsewhere on the Cameo/ Parkway front, the acquisition of Merco, Long Island-based distribution complex, is expected to be announced soon.

From Billboard – December 9, 1967
From Billboard – December 9, 1967


NEW YORK — Nathan Weiss, president of NEMPRA Artists Ltd., American representative of NEMS, stated last week that there is no truth to the report that the Beatles might be associated with a new label planned by Allen Klein. In a London story in last week’s Billboard, Klein indicated there was such a possibility. Weiss in answer to the Klein report told Billboard that “The Beatles are contracted to EMI for eight and one-half years and plan no association with Klein.”

From Billboard – December 16, 1967
From Billboard – December 16, 1967

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