The Beatles open an Apple shop in Baker Street

Thursday, December 7, 1967
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94 Baker Street, London, UK

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As every Beatle follower knows Baker Street — much-famed via Sherlock Holmes — has a new tenant, “Apple”. The Beatles’ first boutique, the baby of a possible future chain, opened its doors on Thursday December 7th. The new shop was well and truly launched with a star-studded
opening party on the previous Tuesday. “Come at 7.46”, the invitation said. “Fashion show at 8.16”. I and about ten thousand others — at least it seemed that many, but I believe it was actually only a few hundred, crammed into the ground floor and basement at the appointed time.

Those leaders of the psychedelic cult, Simon and Marijke Postuma, the two Dutch painters who you may remember painted pianos and things for John Lennon only a short time ago, had covered every inch of the walls and ceilings with clouds, suns, grass, trees, rainbows and skies all painted in their usual vivid colours. Unfortunately most of the wall paintings were hidden behind the mass of famous figures.

Only John and George could make the opening. Ringo was away filming in Rome and Paul had gone to Scotland. It was impossible to see exactly who was there but in the corner of the basement where I stood munching an asparagus roll and drinking — yes, you guessed it, apple juice, were D.J.s Alan Freeman, Chris Denning, Jonathan King, Kenny Everett, Beatles recording Manager George Martin, George’s wife Patti, Cilla Black, Julia Foster, and I understand that Twiggy was on the other side of the room with her Manager, Justin de Villeneuve, and film director, Dick Lester.

There were no clothes at all in the shop on the party night – a good job too otherwise half of us would not have been able to get in. But the next day it was panic stations as masses of trendy-gear were delivered and arranged behind the covered windows ready for the public opening on the following morning.

Manager of “Apple” is Pete Shotton. You may recognise that name because he was one of the original members of John Lennon’s first skiffle group, the Quarrymen, which was formed over 124 years ago. Pete has taken a big hand in running the partly Beatle-owned supermarket at Hayling Island and has done so well there that the boys asked him to take charge of their first venture in the rag trade — sorry, I meant boutique business.

Pete asked me to point out that the shop doesn’t only stock hippy-gear, there are stacks of clothes for every modern mind. Although, of course, Simon and Marijke have come up with some marvellous new designs for hippy minded people!

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°54, January 1968

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