Paul McCartney for ban on animal tests for cosmetics

March 2011

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From, May 14, 2013:

Former Beatle and long-time BUAV supporter Paul McCartney has applauded the work done by the animal organisation to secure the European Union’s animal testing ban for cosmetics, and is backing Cruelty Free International work for a global ban on cosmetics tests on animals.

Paul said: “I have supported Cruelty Free International’s founding organisation, the BUAV over the years with its campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals. I am so proud to be part of this historic event and congratulate Cruelty Free International for succeeding in taking the cruelty out of beauty across the European Union. Together we have made a huge difference, yet animals continue to suffer because over 80% of the world still allows cosmetics testing on animals. I am now supporting Cruelty Free International with its campaign to seek a global ban to ensure that animals do not suffer for the sake of beauty anywhere in the world.”

Paul joins Cruelty Free International celebrity supporters Joss Stone, and Global Ambassadors Peter Dinklage and Ricky Gervais.

In March 2013, the final phase of the European Cosmetics Directive came into force, banning all animal testing from taking place anywhere in the world for cosmetics products to be sold in the EU. A ban on cosmetics animal testing has already been in place in the EU for a number of years. This significant historical milestone was achieved after over twenty years of campaigning by Cruelty Free International’s founding organisation, the BUAV.

Yet, over 80% of countries around the world still allow animal tests for cosmetics, including the U.S., Australia, Korea, Japan and India. Some countries, including China, actually require animal tests before products can be sold there. Paul and Cruelty Free International are joining forces to work for a global ban.

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, stated: “We have been grateful for the support of Sir Paul over the years for our campaign to end cosmetics testing in the EU. We are delighted that he will now join us on our global mission to end the use of animals to test cosmetics worldwide.

“Cruelty Free International works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide and has placed the issue of animal testing on the agenda of many governments for the very first time as part of a global strategy to tackle product testing on animals. With offices in London, Boston and Singapore, Cruelty Free International is applying its determination and vision on a global stage to repeat its success in Europe worldwide.”

Animals should not suffer in the name of beauty. Testing toiletries and cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Join me in signing the BUAV’s petition to ensure the sale of cruel products in the EU is outlawed by 2013. Say NO to Cruel Cosmetics.

Paul McCartney
From Signatures | No Cruel Cosmetics

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