Paul McCartney writes to Starbucks to end surcharge on plant-based milk

Saturday, April 2, 2022

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On this day, Paul McCartney continued his work with PETA by sending a letter to Starbucks coffee company’s CEO, asking him to remove the surcharge the company currently applies on plant-based milks in its US coffeehouses.

I understand that in other countries like UK, there is the same charge for both [cow’s milk & vegan milk] & I would like to politely request that you consider this policy also in Starbucks USA. I sincerely hope that for the future of the planet & animal welfare you are able to implement this policy.

Paul McCartney
From PETA – Update (May 23, 2022): New PETA billboards featuring Sir Paul McCartney are going up during his national tour at prominent locations in New Jersey, New York City, Seattle, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They urge Starbucks to end its unethical surcharge for vegan milk, a request the pop legend also made in a letter to former Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.
From PETA – Update (June 30, 2022): Featuring Sir Paul McCartney and his push for Starbucks to end the surcharge on vegan milks, a sky-high message from PETA rose near the coffee chain’s headquarters in Seattle.

From PETA, March 30, 2022:

Ahead of Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s upcoming retirement on April 4, Sir Paul McCartney sent a letter to the outgoing exec, urging him to take the coffee giant’s problematic vegan milk surcharge out the door with him as he leaves the company.

“My friends at PETA are campaigning for this,” wrote McCartney. “I sincerely hope that for the future of the planet and animal welfare you are able to implement this policy.”


Sir Paul McCartney to Starbucks HQ: ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ – Lose Vegan Milk Surcharge!

Seattle – Ahead of his upcoming tour stop in Seattle, where Starbucks is based, Sir Paul McCartney is asking the company’s US stores to end the surcharge on plant-based milks – just as Starbucks has already done in the UK. In a just-sent letter, the long-time PETA ally urges CEO Kevin Johnson to leave a parting gift for cows and the planet by arranging to end the US chain’s vegan milk upcharge before he retires on 4 April.

“My friends at PETA US are campaigning for this,” McCartney writes. “I sincerely hope that for the future of the planet and animal welfare you are able to implement this policy.”

PETA notes that, unlike Johnson, cows in the dairy industry don’t get a happy retirement. Instead, they’re repeatedly and forcibly impregnated – workers insert an arm into the animals’ rectum and a metal rod to deliver semen into their vagina – and then sent to slaughter when their bodies give out. And while Johnson is enjoying the twilight of his life, Starbucks is fuelling the climate catastrophe that will imperil future generations’ chance to do the same, as cows’ milk is the biggest contributor to Starbucks’ carbon footprint.

Sir Paul points out that numerous chains in the US offer dairy-free milk at no extra charge. Starbucks dropped the vegan milk upcharge in the UK at the beginning of 2022, joining chains such as Pret A Manger.

McCartney’s full letter is available upon request. PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

Last updated on November 22, 2022


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