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Oct 06, 2018 / 4pm

This is my first blog post since… September 2016. One might think that this project is stalled or dead. It couldn’t be further away from the truth, as the recent entries for Egypt Station and Freshen Up tour would show.  I guess I’m simply lazy to post updates !! So don’t worry,  and follow the […]

September 2016 updates (new content)

Oct 01, 2016 / 2pm

While the focus since the beginning of the year was on the Beatles songs, I have switched to pure McCartney stuff in the past weeks. Year 1987, some live albums, “Run Devil Run“… Don’t ask me the logic, as I sometimes go very random when it comes to organize the work on this project 🙂 Year […]

September 2016 updates (new features)

A busy month – with some new features that I hope you will appreciate: A whole new section has been added – Interviews! It doesn’t contain a lot of content yet – I’m still thinking how to improve the display of those interviews, before adding more content. At last, there is a contact form on this site – […]

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