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Frank Sinatra School of the Arts • Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ConcertBy Paul McCartney
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New York
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

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From Yahoo!:

The fortunate pupils at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York, often enjoy performances by guest musicians as part of their curriculum. But these students didn’t have any idea what kind of treat they were in for when they were summoned to the Tony Bennett Concert Hall the afternoon of Tuesday, October 8…until the school’s principal announced that none other than Paul McCartney was going to perform a special show just for them. […]

McCartney played the set with his current touring band, with the show split into five musical sections and four short Q&A breaks, during which the students asked surprisingly astute questions. But of course, it was the music that kept the crowd smiling, dancing, and singing along. […]

“This beats going to class,” quipped Paul, before he rocked the hall with the first new song of the day, “Save Us,” an energized number propelled by slashing guitars and quirky back-up vocals reminiscent of ELO or Queen. Lyrics like “In the heat of battle, you’ve got something that will save us” suggested that New will feature political numbers in addition to Paul’s famous love songs.

Speaking of love songs, McCartney dedicated the title track of his new album to his wife; the emotive, melodic tune was clearly written for Nancy, although it could have applied to practically any context. “We can do what we want, we can be who we choose/See, there’s no guarantee, we’ve got nothing to lose,” Macca sang. As he finished the final chord, he said, “Happy anniversary, baby.”

Paul McCartney at Frank Sinatra School of Performing Arts
(Photography by MJ Kim. taken from
Paul McCartney at Frank Sinatra School of Performing Arts
(Photography by MJ Kim. taken from

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Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

This was the 1st and only concert played at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.


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