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Venus and Mars

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Venus And Mars was the first of two albums to feature what many (Paul included) regard as the perfect Wings line-up, with the McCartneys and Denny Laine now joined by guitarist Jimmy McCulloch and drummer Joe English. Recording was done in New Orleans and Los Angeles. As Paul remembers, “I felt really comfortable with that band. I had written Venus And Mars songs in Jamaica – we were getting around a bit in those days! – and had the album pretty much mapped out. Even though we didn’t use the style of New Orleans on the album, it influenced the way we felt about the music and added to the spirit.” In September of ’75 the band started a year-long worldwide tour in support of the album, playing to over 600,000 people in America alone.

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The album

Venus and Mars

By Wings • Official album

Special editions

Venus And Mars (1993)

By Paul McCartney • Official album

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