Remixing "Revolver"

2022 ? • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Revolver (2022) Official album.

Master release

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‘Taxman’ is the first time a George song opens up a Beatles album, and it’s obviously an iconic opening. It was the first one we started work on – it was the first one that proved to me that we could do this. It’s easy to take an album that people have known for so long for granted, and you listen to it now and think ‘oh my god this is truly groundbreaking’.

Giles Martin – From The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’: inside the remixed release with Giles Martin (, October 24, 2022

The dialogue editor [Emile de la Rey] was doing a really good job of removing the guitars from the dialogue, and I said to him: ‘Let’s have a look at Revolver. Can you separate the guitar, bass and drums?’ He did a rough pass and it was so much better than anything I’ve ever heard. I said: ‘OK, we need to work on this’, and it got to a stage where it became extraordinarily good.

Giles Martin – From Beatles’ Revolver: ‘It’s time travel’ says Giles Martin – BBC News, October 22, 2022

[The de-mixing process] has to learn what the sound of John Lennon’s guitar is, for instance, and the more information you can give it, the better it becomes. So we were going through the tapes just looking for bits where someone played a guitar with no-one else playing – and that’s how the computer can can go: ‘Okay, this is what I’ll extract’. But all that means is that, when people listen to the record, the band don’t have to be on each other’s lap.

Giles Martin – From Beatles’ Revolver: ‘It’s time travel’ says Giles Martin – BBC News, October 22, 2022

I remember mixing Strawberry Fields and the young guy working at Abbey Road with me had never heard the song before. And there’s no reason why he should. It’s bloody old. But there’s also no reason why a 26-year-old Paul McCartney shouldn’t sound like a 26-year-old does now. So essentially, what we’re doing is time travel. And I like that even now, 56 years on, we’re trying to break new ground. Because that’s what the Beatles did.

Giles Martin – From Beatles’ Revolver: ‘It’s time travel’ says Giles Martin – BBC News, October 22, 2022

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