“Abbey Road: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Famous Recording Studio” book published

Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Abbey Road Studios partnered with music journalist David Hepworth to write the story of 90-year-old recording studios. The book features interviews with artists, producers and sound engineers, transcripts, photographs, and a foreword by Paul McCartney.

There are so many great memories at Abbey Road. It was so exciting. I wouldn’t swap that for anything.

Paul McCartney – Quote on the backcover of the book “Abbey Road: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Famous Recording Studio”

I remember the first time walking into Abbey Road sixty years ago, it was such a scary session with George Martin there as the presiding ‘grown-up’. Then thinking about how much we grew from doing the first album in a day to spending weeks and weeks in the studio… To think of how many great memories and creative moments that happened there, it’s very hard to pick one out. But I do always remember recording the orchestra on ‘A Day In The Life’ — that was pretty special.

You know, I try to resist going, ‘Wow, this is where it all happened…’, but it really is trippy. When I visit, it makes me want to just sit and think, Ah, there’s John doing ‘Girl’ … , etc. The stars really aligned for us at Abbey Road in terms of the creative stuff we brought, the musical knowledge and direction George Martin brought, and the technical side of things with some incredible engineers who were inventing new ways to record, and then also some incredible gear. It’s the only studio I’ve ever known in the world where you have one grand piano, one super grand, one medium grand everything, just there in the studio for normal use. Long before and long after the Beatles some of the best music in the world was born in those rooms, and they are still carrying on as one of the best studios in the world. Long live Abbey Road!

Paul McCartney – July 2022 – Foreword for the book “Abbey Road: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Famous Recording Studio”

From Abbey Road Studios on Twitter, August 27, 2022:

We are thrilled to announce the definitive exploration of our 90-year story by @DavidHepworth is coming on 6 October. Featuring a foreword by @PaulMcCartney , this book is the culmination of a huge amount of research and love.

From Abbey Road (penguin.co.uk):

With a foreword by Paul McCartney

‘We wanted to live the mystique of this legendary studio’ Kanye West
‘There are certain things that are mythical. Abbey Road is mythical’ Nile Rodgers

Many people will recognise the famous zebra crossing. Some visitors may have graffitied their name on its hallowed outer walls. Others might even have managed to penetrate the iron gates. But what draws in these thousands of fans here, year after year? What is it that really happens behind the doors of the most celebrated recording studio in the world?

It may have begun life as an affluent suburban house, but it soon became a creative hub renowned around the world as a place where great music, ground-breaking sounds and unforgettable tunes were forged – nothing less than a witness to, and a key participant in, the history of popular music itself.

What has been going on there for over ninety years has called for skills that are musical, creative, technical, mechanical, interpersonal, logistical, managerial, chemical and, romantics might be tempted add, close to magic.

This is for the people who believe in the magic.

David Hepworth

David Hepworth has been writing, broadcasting and speaking about music and media since the seventies. He was involved in the launch and editing of magazines such as Smash HitsQMojo and The Word, among many others.

From Abbey Road (penguin.co.uk)

From Abbey Road Studios on Twitter, August 27, 2022

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