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From CollectorsMusicReview:

Misterclaudel released a couple months ago a good recording from Wings’ final tour with Wings Over Wembley. They continue with the Back To The Egg theme with Liverpool Holiday Box 1979, a five disc set that collects three documents from the very first set of shows. These were the first live shows Wings had in more than three years and the first in Liverpool in four.

The Royal Court Theater, a part of Liverpool for centuries, was used for drama but had by this time invited musical acts to play and Wings were among the first. It is a smaller venue than the ones Wings were playing at that point and the tapes definitely have a small room quality to them. That is probably why they played four nights there.

November 23rd was an invitation only charity gig to raise funds for the theater and unfortunately only fragments of “Got To Get You Into My Life” and “Yesterday” are the only pieces to surface on the “Wings Over The World” documentary. The good news for the new Misterclaudel release is that most of the recordings, the complete tapes for the November 25th and November 26th shows, have only now surfaced and make their debut on a commercial bootleg.

The tape for the November 24th show receives its first release on CD in a long time and give collectors who love the final days of Wings more to listen to. The bad news is these news tapes are of poor sound quality. Not just poor, but the new tapes are bearly listenable and a chore to wade through.

[…] This is an important and exciting release since is reveals never-heard-before tapes from a generally poorly documented stage in Paul McCartney’s career.  Listening to these tapes requires effort that will ultimately yield some insights and some enjoyment, but definitely are not easy listening.

Last updated on December 22, 2023


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