Liverpool • Monday, November 26, 1979

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings 1979 UK Tour
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Royal Court Theatre

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From the McCartney Observer fanzine, Fall/Winter 1979-1980:

We saw Paul arrive at the stage door, but the scene there was nearly riotous and Paul was rushed inside.  Tonight, our “pal” at the box office manager, decided he liked the taste of American money and charge each of us $12.00 to get in and let us stay in the balcony.  While we were waiting to be seated (or standed?) we were instructed to wait in a private bar.  Denny came in and was signing autographs for everyone.  He signed a magazine we had purchased with Wings on the cover for each of us.  Doylene had him sign the page he was on; Susie had him sign the cover.  He decided to sign Susie’s right on Paul’s face! All I could think of was “I paid 45p ($1.00) for that magazine and I can’t afford to go buy it again” so when it came to my turn and I saw his pen heading towards Paul’s face, I scolded him and said, “Not on his face!”  “Oh!  Is it okay if I sign on his hand?”  “Yeh.”  We all stood in the balcony together and had a fantastic time!  As I said before, we were still close, even though we were in the balcony, and our telephoto lenses helped a lot too.  We were all making comments, singing along and having fun clicking away with our cameras.   Pau was really having a good time too and it was the best audience (Paul said so too).  This was one of my favorite shows and a good memory.  The next day was a “day off” but we had heard a rumor that Paul was going to give a special concert on the Royal Iris (a ferry), so we decided it was worth checking into although we doubted that it was true.  Still we could take a few photographs of the Mersey.

Paul and Linda McCartney signing autographs in Liverpool ahead of their their band Wings performance at the Royal Court Theatre, as part of their tour of the United Kingdom to promote their newest album, Back to the Egg. 23rd November 1979. (Photo by Stephen Shakeshaft/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

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Royal Court Theatre

This was the 4th concert played at Royal Court Theatre.

A total of 4 concerts have been played there • 1979Nov 23rdNov 24thNov 25thNov 26th


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