Liverpool • Saturday, November 24, 1979

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings 1979 UK Tour
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Royal Court Theatre

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From the McCartney Observer fanzine, Fall/Winter 1979-1980:

Liverpool. November 24, 1979

This was officially the first concert for members of the Fun Club. We managed to see Paul arrive at 4 P.M., and although it was pretty much a mob scene, it was still a small crowd compared to the rest of the stage door scenes we were to witness during the next few weeks. He drove past in a silver Mercedes and everyone thought that he was going to go into the side door, but instead, he walked the full length of the theatre with the crowd, obliging everyone with autographs and smiling for the cameras. I was in shock and couldn’t speak (seeing him in person is different than seeing him “in person” in a concert). I could only stare, but Susie aid “”hi!” and he responded with “hi ya!” Doylene called his name, and he looked at her, nodded and said, “Hi”. He looked so good, that man never ages. (He’s like a good wine and improves with age!)

Linda was there, but when everyone surrounded Paul she said, “I’m getting out of here!” and went straight inside. Our friend, Phil L. (who we met the night before) managed to get an autograph and was quite happy with himself. Later on, we met the rest of our friends, who had just arrived from the States that morning: Barb, Mary Ann, George and Mar. Now our next “Mission Impossible” was getting tickets inside. Doylene and Susie had gotten Barb and Mary Ann their tickets from Sue at MPL, but our ticket money and letters had mysteriously disappeared from the Royal Court Theatre. This was to be our first unfortunate encounter with a weird little man who happened to be box office manager for a few days (the theatre was closed down and Paul was trying to save it so he performed there instead of the Empire, which is a bigger hall). This man claimed that he never got our letter and/or money and it would be impossible to get us in. Meanwhile, there was a photographer there and he decided that the American girls would make a “nice story” so the box office manager decided to get in on the act. Doylene, Susie and I were photographed for the Daily Mirror and we had to go upstairs to the office where they had Doylene and Susie make these ridiculous poses with the manager. He still insisted that he wouldn’t’ be able to help us as Doylene and Susie held the tickets and he pretended that he was giving them to them!

After this ridiculously embarrassing publicity stunt, we were literally being down the door outside when we saw Tony Brainsby (Paul’s long time publicity agent) and he told me that Lawrence Jubar was going to give us tickets and to go downstairs and pose for a photograph with him! So, we all went downstairs and me Lawrence, who is very nice and so sweet. The photograph never did get in the papers, but the photographer later told us that he was trying to sell the story to a magazine. A small article was printed about Doylene and Susie though. So, with many thanks to Lawrence, we had good tickets into the show.

Tonight before the show began, there was an opening act, comedian Earl Okin, who told corny jokes and sang corny songs (Bessie, Bessie Bessie, you’re as far as a….).   Earl must have great courage because he was booed constantly during the act.  He made everyone happy when he said that there was a band waiting to lay for us and they were “waiting in the wings…”

Paul got really into the show this night, he was more at ease and it was fantastic.  Everyone left smiling and happy.  Denny dedicated a song to our friend, Martin, who managed to see the entire band in a club the night before, and had bought Denny a drink.  Denny said, “he brought me a drink,” and Paul quipped, “you’d do anything for a drink!”

Paul & Linda McCartney with Wings performing, Liverpool. 24th November, 1979.
Paul & Linda McCartney with Wings performing, Liverpool. 24th November, 1979.

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Royal Court Theatre

This was the 2nd concert played at Royal Court Theatre.

A total of 4 concerts have been played there • 1979Nov 23rdNov 24thNov 25thNov 26th


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