Wings Over The World - City Halls Newcastle England September 16 1975


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Track list

Disc 1


Venus And Mars-Rock Show


Little Woman Love-C Moon

Disc 2


From the liner notes:

I probably spoiled you with the last post of Birmingham, don’t expect the same sound quality from this recording. This is the seventh show of the tour and the sixth one in this series. Sorry I don’t have Liverpool, does anyone?

This show, as I received it from a good friend JS years ago, was compiled from two different source tapes. I don’t know exactly where all the splits are but as far as I can tell the show up to Blackbird is one source. The middle part is source two and then Letting Go switches back to the first again.
The section from source one is riddled with clicks which get progresivly worse. I declicked this portion but couldn’t get every single click without risking loosing some quality. There were some strange gaps of silence in the recording but when I removed the gaps the pieces seemed to flow together. I can’t really explain the gaps as there doesn’t seem to be a loss of music at these parts. There were also variations in level in this tape. Mostly between to two different sources but a few just between songs. I did what I could to level everything out. There is a fair amount of hiss on this recording. I tried to remove some of it but found it took too much sound off the top, so I left it alone. It’s not too noticable on a true stereo but will probably bug those of you listening thru earbuds.


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