04 Summer Norwegian Night

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Sgt.pepper's Reprise – The End


From giginjapan:

Paul was on stage for a long time after Linda’s death, but he had not toured for a long time. However, the children grew up, and at that time they got a new partner, Heather Mills, and began to tour with a new band in 2002. It was a large tour after 9 years. And at this point I couldn’t imagine it, but then continued to tour somewhere in the world almost every year until now. A 2002 driving tour and a back-in-the-world tour were carried out on its extension. In the past two years, I have probably received a solid response. After a long-term tour over two years, Paul was on the tour continuously in 2004, but this year was only a short 14 performances in Europe in the summer. That is the 04 SUMMER tour.

This tour was not very noticeable because there were few performances and there were large tours before and after, but it should be noted that rare songs and composition are very rare for fans. Except for London and Paris, where concerts have been held many times in the first place, the European cities that we haven’t been to do otherwise have been chosen as performance venues. Then I will think.

The opening is a sampling song by DJ. And with a high count, the first song starts with “Jet”. Surprisingly, this is the first time that this song comes only later. “Flaming Pie” is the premiere of this tour. And attention is “You Wo n’t See Me”. Although it was a song that was performed in Japan in 2016 and the following 2017, it was changed as an arrangement and was one of the acoustic corners. This 2004 tour is not only a live premiere, but it is played in the same band as the Beatles. That impressive piano is played by Wicks on the keyboard, and the chorus you follow is played by the back.

Similarly, “She’s A Woman” was also unplugged in 1991 after the Beatles broke up and played with an acoustic arrangement, but it was only on this tour that the band played on the electric set. Precious thing. The bouncing guitar-cutting and bluesy vocals seem to be impressed by the same person who was singing at the Budokan at the time of the Japanese performance.

“In Spite Of All Danger” is also premiered by this tour. Until the anthology came out, only the song title was known and no one had ever heard it. It was a short song that was played lightly as a member of the qualimen at that time and played “lightly like this song”, but it was only a song that imagined, but in this way Paul is going to play on the actual stage .

In the concert of Paul, for the members of the Beatles who entered the demon register, “Here Today” is always played as a song dedicated to John, and “Something” is played as a song dedicated to George. They are playing “Must Pass”. This is also a very rare song selection. He also plays “Yellow Submarine” for a living apple.

And the highlight is from here. “I ’ll Follow The Sun” will be premiered in this tour. It is basically played acoustically. The following 2005 tour was continued, but only entered the set squirrel for a short period of time. “For No One” has been re-recorded in the 1984 movie “Broad Street”, but this tour will be the first performance to be performed live. It is almost complete copy of the Beatles version to match the Baroque Harpsichord played by Wicks. An English horn interlude has also been reproduced.

“Penny Lane” was only played on the tour in 1993 and 2004. Despite the catchy and beautiful melodies, interlude trumpet, and many tunes, it seems that it is difficult to sing because it is rarely played on stage. Paul’s vocals that can actually be heard here are very dangerous from the intro.

Speaking of rare arrangements only at this time, “Band On The Run” has a long intro. This is also a rare arrangement only for this tour, considering that the transition to the next year was cut, and after that it was played normally as a record. In addition, because the stage composition is now fully playing the last medley of Abbey Road, and because the reprise is now performed independently, the medley of “SGT. Reprise” and “The End” concludes the concert. Is now unusual.

From the European summer 2004 summer tour, which took place only for a short period of time, Norway recorded the Oslo performance in high quality on June 14th. Unusual setlists, arrangements, rare songs, and stage composition that were only shown on this tour are unique that you can’t see on other tours. It is a must-see. Permanent storage with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.


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