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Golden Slumbers

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

Concert From "Secret New York Concert" in New York, USA on Sep 07, 2018


Carry That Weight

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

Concert From "Secret New York Concert" in New York, USA on Sep 07, 2018


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

Concert From "Secret New York Concert" in New York, USA on Sep 07, 2018




From giginjapan:

■ Paul’s latest live performance September 7, 2018 New York
Secret · Gig at the special stage in the station
■ Soundboard sound source & complete recording with Pro Shot video

Paul McCartney will be 76 years old in 2018. Somewhat gray hair seems to have increased, but the appearance is youthful and full of active feeling. It is wonderful that you can not feel any decline in performance. Changed the title from the last ONE ON ON TOUR, and entered the 2018 year, a new tour titled FRESHEN UP TOUR was announced. Starting with Canada, Japan, Europe, and even the 2019 US tour will be announced, and Kihisaki is still around, and his willingness is surprised. Prior to the new tour, the new album “EGYPT STATION” was announced and Secret · Gig was held as promotion.

The venue was a special stage at Grand Central Station in New York. Normally, we set up a temporary stage in the building which is normally the main part of transportation as a station building, and carried out a full stage in front of only about 200 audiences. It has already been 16 years since becoming a member of this band. Although it is not a band name, it is the longest time sharing member of Paul’s career, and it can be said that it is a member that is no longer fixed.

The first song of attention was “A Hard Day’s Night”. Through Paul’s part including John’s part, it’s already familiar to you completely. It is a wonderful performance full of running performance. The second song is suddenly “Hi Hi Hi”. It is unknown at this moment whether the tour starting from now will follow the set list of this day or it will be completely different, but it is very promising what will jump out with this opening alone. The third track is “Can not Buy Me Love” which can be understood only by the guitar tuning sound.

And in “Letting Go” there is a horn section in the audience seats, and a new attempt is being made to reproduce the sound of the horn, usually played by Wicks with the keyboard, as a raw sound. Paul once said, “I know that the sound is lonesome if there is no horn section, but at the end I am proud to respond to the audience with only five members, I am proud that only five players complete all the performances” In an interview. This time, breaking that prohibition, introducing the horn section, setting a break part near the ending of the song, and inserting a horn / solo is also a new arrangement which had not existed in the past.

Come On To Me “new song across” I’ve Got A Feeling “after a long absence. A song with few undulations, a single song from a new album with emphasis on linking lyrics to melodies. And “My Valentine” is still interesting. When introducing the song “This is a song written for Nancy”, the scene that the princess smiled at the audience seems impressive. Paul sings using a loudspeaker like that used at the athletic meeting. Of course, this is daringly aimed at such a vocal / effect effect, but it is a very interesting attempt. Alongside “Letting Go”, it is one of the listening room of this work that it presents with a different arrangement than the conventional song, although it was a song that was playing on stage.

And probably it will be one of the highlights of the new tour, “From Me To You” which will be played on stage only in 2018. Paul is Akogi, Wicks is in charge of Harmonica. Although I can not deny the impression that it is a somewhat old tune when listening with modern ears, I play the early Beatles songs that are difficult to reproduce that atmosphere as the current pole. When you blast the modulated part of that middle Yata! I thought this episode, which was also mentioned in the anthology, after the performance. When “Love Me Do”, since John must blow a harmonica, he is talking the same as this anthology, saying that he was singing in a hurry and trembling with a loud voice.

“Blackbird” got off the stage, a performance was made to move to the center of the audience seating and sing. I would like you to think that it is like the B stage of Rolling Stones. I was asked for a handshake during the move, and Paul standing in front of the microphone is saying a joke “Please put me in the next election!” Returning to the stage again, in front of the new song ‘Who Cares’, there are also services that let the two fans stage on stage and dance in the back of the performance. I am wearing this fans, a shirt that printed Paul’s new song title on my chest, I can see that it is a passionate fan.

In the latter part of the concert, Paul ‘s stage features essential songs. It can be said that it is a normal full stage except that “Live And Let Die” has not been played due to the special nature “Special stage” and “Hey Jude” due to time constraints. Of course it is a full stage from the opening to the last Abbey Road / Medley, whether it is a short set rather than a stage in a regular tour. What kind of set list FRESHEN UP TOUR will be at this moment is unknown, but it is content that is greatly anticipated.

On September 7, 2018 New York’s Grand Central Station premises stage, a secret live performed as a promotion of a new album that was held in front of an audience of only 200 people, a preeminent sound board This work recorded with sound source and pro shot video. On CD bonus track, there are two songs “Jimmy · Fallon · Show” which appeared on the previous day, “Drive My Car” singing only with Aco Gi and a band style studio live “Come On To Me” . Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


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