Madison Square Garden New York 1989

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Golden Slumbers

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

Concert From the concert in New York, USA on Dec 15, 1989


Carry That Weight

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

Concert From the concert in New York, USA on Dec 15, 1989


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

Concert From the concert in New York, USA on Dec 15, 1989


From giginjapan:

■ name board analog reprint
■ Last day of 1989 Full recorded MSG performance.
■ I play “Jingle Bell” specially.

Paul, right after the dissolution of the Beatles, initially started solo activities, but what was in the mind was a band activity to the last. In the Beatles era, I would like to do live activities abandoned on the way, that desire will be filled with a band called Wings. However, arrested in Japan in 1980 triggered a gap between the members, especially Denny Rain was told that Paul was careless of his carelessness. And there was also a case that John Lennon collapsed in a rogue at the end of the same year, and according to one theory Wings rubbed naturally, Paul began to fear the bullet from the audience seated and stood on stage. Just as the Beatles had been devoted to studio work from 1966, Paul in the 1980s will put more pivotal attention beyond live activities such as studio work and movies.

In 1985 a historic live aid was held. Although Paul declined the appearance once because he did not have a band, Paul who appeared before the audience for the first time in a long time after being advised by Bob Geldofh “advisable only with the piano” was , “Let It Be” sung. Although the performance at this time was only a microphone trouble talked about afterwards, I could not say that performance was also good, but I was rather surprised as to whether it would so weaken as I was leaving the stage for only 5 years . For those who know this period Paul is not going to be on stage again in the future, even such an atmosphere was drifting.

Paul himself says afterwards that he was the Prince Trust of the following 1986. Paul who stood on the stage with the guitar, although it made me feel blank, apparently different from live aid, it seems to be quite enjoyable, and “I Saw Her Standing There” “Get Back And “The Sorry of the Happy” was staged. The appearance that Paul that the hair grows a little and plumps singing with sweat sang is performance enough for this guy to come back to the stage again, so to anticipate.

In 1987, Paul releases the best album “ALL THE BEST”. What makes this album special, not just a best board, is that it contains a new song “Once Upon A Long Ago”. For this time promotion Paul played numerous television appearances and played this song all over the world (although it was a miming). Naturally it was a single cut and a promotion film was also produced. And in 1986 the long-awaited new album since “Press To Play” was released in 1989. That was “Flowers In The Dirt”. Perhaps this album was made with the thought of playing on the stage in mind, compared with the previous work made in the studio, it was finished with a live feeling which prevailed the groove on the spot. And we will go on tour following the recording members of this album.

It would have been the illusion of the Beatles that had plagued Paul for so long. All songs in the solo era were compared with the Beatles, and the evaluation standards were always the Beatles. Because of that, in the early years of Wings, he refused to play the songs of the Beatles era elsewhere and confirmed the songs of about his own solo era, and in the tour from 1975 to 1976, he played several songs as stage accent I stayed alone. However, in 1979 tour, we set up the opening number as “Got To Get You Into My Life” and played “Let It Be” and “The Fool On The Hill” to please the audience. However, they are supplements only, the fact that the main was Wings’ number does not work.

However, on a tour that began in 1989, followed by a tour called GET BACK TOUR, Uri from the tour was in the replay of the Beatles number. About half of the set list is occupied by the Beatles number, the others are cover songs and songs of the era of Wings. As for the songs of the new album, it was like a Beatles number at the time of the Wings era, it was only a treat as a supplement to the last. In the West, the song of the new album was toilet time. What the audience is seeking is the Beatles, and Paul finally responded to it.

Initially, Paul told the interview that he planned to start the show gently with “I Saw Her Standing There”. However, indeed it would have been thought that it was a trivial, the first album “Figure Of Eight” was chosen. And this selection was quite prudent. Even if listening with current ears, knowledge, the opening of “Figure Of Eight” has become wonderful comparable to the medley of “Venus And Mars”. It is a tight arrangement as compared with a studio version which has been somewhat extended, and it has been reborn as a song that actually shines stage. In the point that it was breathed newly by playing on the live, it can be said that it is a song that follows the fate like “Maybe I’m Amazed”. “Jet” which starts without haircut, and duet “Ebony And Ivory” with Stevie who became the No. 2 hit in the United States is a duet with Hey Mish. In the interlude of “The Fool On The Hill”, King’s pastor’s speech is sampled. “SGT. Pepper’s” has become a long guitar solo arrangement that leads to reprises. We made a small pause in such a rich concert in the first half with “Put It There” and it is about to come into the second half.

In the second half it is a composition that can enjoy the Beatles number which is not exactly more. “Oath of the day” which changed the arrangement altogether, and “Eliner Rigby” which begins to be led by the guitar of the lobby, a single song “My Brave Face” and “This One” from the new album are sandwiched between “Back In The USSR “and” I Saw Her Standing There “. Looking back on Paul’s long tour history afterwards, these songs are already familiar, but in 1989 Paul played “Back In The USSR” and “I Saw Her Standing There” live at the time How surprised was that to do. It was a truly surprising time at the time to sing the songs that the author did not have played in the Beatles era like the “SGT. Pepper’s,” even though Paul alone, the writer himself was a surprise at that time, It was what I had imagined like this while reading a paper media concert report.

Especially from the late concert after ‘Let It Be’, the encore is a really wonderful composition. When I first heard “Let It Be”, there was no intro by the impressive piano, but although I suddenly started with a vocal, I was disappointed, but I could only see it in the video until now “They are the ones who are dying” Magnesium explosion was given a strong impression. And it is “Hey Jude” which is one of the most famous songs of the Beatles. It will be the same repetition, but Paul sings “Hey Jude” live, which was nothing but a surprise for the fans of 1989. Arrange the audience to sing the second half of the go-go style Nana Nana – for the first half of the beautiful melody starting with the piano. Although it was not conscious of the Beatles era at all, it is a song that was created just to perform with a concert. Paul is looking back on the songs that he made emotionally over 20 years ago, “This is the song I wanted to sing with the audience.”

Encore is still “Yesterday” and “Get Back”, and finally it is “Abbey Road / Medley” that has not been done so far. It seems persistent, but Paul plays the Beatles’ songs, and the songs that the Beatles took advantage of studio technology and said to be impossible to reproduce on the stage also perform live thanks to the era, much more than the last of the famous “Abbey Road” For the fans of 1989, such as playing the medley with a live, it was nothing but surprises. There was a variety show that “Where are you going to Kin?”, But it was really a feeling that “Paul is going to do”. As in the studio version, this Abbey Road medley alone is a truly inspirational ending that gives you just as much fulfillment as the previous stages.

This film is the final day of tour in 1989, December 15th New York has recorded a concert in Madison Square Garden. It is a feature that it is playing “Jingle Bell” in front of Christmas. It is interesting that I play not accompaniment but accompaniment neatly. It is a reprint of what was originally released in real time in analog. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.


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