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Piccadilly Circus

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Track list

Disc 1


Opening Film

10:55 • Live

Concert From the concert in Toronto, Canada on Oct 10, 2005

Disc 2




Disc 3





Mull of Kintyre (Special Song Only for Canada) (With Peel Police Pipe Band)

6:48 • Live

Concert From the concert in Toronto, Canada on Oct 10, 2005





The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

8:10 • Live • Medley with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)"

Concert From the concert in Toronto, Canada on Oct 10, 2005


From Collectors Music Reviews, April 6, 2010:

[…] Piccadilly Circus advertise Toronto A.C.C. as being sourced from a complete DAT taped from a VIP seat in front of the stage.  The sound quality is similar to the New York tape except the stereo separation is much better and it sounds much more lively.  Also unlike the New York tape the Toronto tape records every second of the show from when the lights go down to the final encore, including the ten minute opening film (where Paul talks about his career, John Lennon, etc) and the lengthy audience calls for the encores.  Occasionally some conversation is recorded behind the taper but nothing too intrusive (nor very interesting).

This show follows the standard set list (there really is no variations) except for the added number “Mull Of Kintyre” at the end.  Paul says “Great to be back here in Toronto. I have one of those feelings again.  I feel like we’re gonna have some fun and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!” before “I’ll Get You”.  After “Got To Get You Into My Life” Paul again talks about his piano pit accident calling the hole “the bowels of the earth.” He introduces Rusty and says, “I’d like to introdust… Introdust!?”  After correcting himself Rusty reads a fortune cookie that said, “A pleasant surprise is in store for you.”  “Fixing A Hole” has a new instrumental introduction that is unique to this performance.

After “Please Please Me” Paul says, “One of the great things about going to Canada is we get to do this next song.”  The band begins “Mull of Kintyre” on the acoustic guitar and are joined on stage the 30-member Peel Regional Police Pipe Band in full dress.  The song is almost perfect.  The only mistake of the entire night occurs near the end when Paul loses his place and sings  “Mull of Kintyre, Oh mist rolling in from” instead of “La la la la, Mull of Kintyre…”  “The sound of those pipes is something isn’t it?”  Playing this song in Canada is somewhat of a tradition for him, doing it on all previous tours and never playing it in the States.

This comes in the expected tasteful packaging associated with Piccadilly Circus with a great shot of the Peel Regional Police Pipe Band on stage with Paul, dressed in full regalia.  One of the reasons the label chose this show was because of this track, a rare variation from the standard concert.  Toronto A.C.C. is a very recommended release, even more so than the New York show given the better recording and the rare encore.

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