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Golden Slumbers

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

Concert From the concert in Drammen, Norway on Sep 26, 1989


Carry That Weight

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

Concert From the concert in Drammen, Norway on Sep 26, 1989


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

Concert From the concert in Drammen, Norway on Sep 26, 1989


Playhouse Theater 1989


Lyceum Theater


From giginjapan:

■ First day of tour in 10 years September 26, 1989 Oslo performance
■ From the rehearsal before the tour, “Summertime”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Matchbox”, etc.

The Get Back Tour that began in 1989 must be a very memorable tour for fans. In January 1980, Paul was arrested in Japan and Wings disappeared. In the 10 years of the band’s history, there was no longer a performance in Japan. And at the end of the year, John falls into a bomb at a bad timing. After that, Paul feared that he himself would be targeted, and he said he was unable to stand on the stage. The live stage that appeared in the 80s was only two times, Prince Rust and Live Aid. In addition, considering the situation in Japan, Paul violated the incredible fault that he was arrested for possession of cannabis in Japan despite the permission to enter a foreigner with a criminal record as a special measure. It was thought that he would not step on. Although it is not the first visit to Japan in 1990, it may be a tour that is very enthusiastic for Japanese fans because of the first performance in Japan.

It was quite sudden that Paul announced his first tour in 10 years. Unlike the era when information is reported through the Internet as it is now, it is not known that the new work “Flowers In The Dirt” has been released and the rehearsal has been repeated carefully for the tour. For those who know Paul, the tour announcement was taken with surprise. The first tour in 10 years, which began in Oslo, Norway in September 1989, finally performed more than 100 performances, including Japanese performances, and impressed that Paul was back on stage. Although the tour title was not named at the beginning, it was spontaneously called “GET BACK TOUR”, and it is now the official name.

The first topic was the replay of the Beatles song. Although Wings stubbornly refused and tea was turbid in “Long Tall Sally”, several songs were used in Over America, and “Got To Get You Into My Life” was selected for the opening in the 1979 tour. It was. In Prince Prince, I sang “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Get Back”, and Live Aid sang “Let It Be”, and the resistance to singing the Beatles number gradually faded with the times. No, I couldn’t have imagined that it would be all on the set list. Speaking of 1989, the generation who actually saw the active Beatles is about 40 years old. The tour was a huge success with a visit to the venue in search of nostalgia and real-time poles that were not nostalgic.

This work is the first day of the tour for the first time in 10 years. September 26, 1989 Norue has completely recorded Oslo performances. This day has been CDed once in the past with the title “NORWEGIAN NIGHT”, but unlike this previously released version, which was unsatisfactory in sound quality, this work is clearly the same source, but with a different generation of dimensions. It has been recorded completely. The pitch deviation that is often found on old tapes has been completely adjusted to zero, making it a decisive board for the first day of the tour. While everyone in the venue did not know the set list, the audience’s reaction was full of surprises and joys to the “new songs” that appeared one after another, and there was also a tense pole with a return to a tour that was once away for the first time in 10 years As the concert progresses, it will be unraveled, allowing you to relive the entire concert that has received attention from around the world.

The first day of the Oslo performance was recorded in real time in the Beatles Cine Club newsletter with the photos of the day, and many fans were excited at the time. However, the information was inaccurate, and the set list that appeared was messed up in the order of the songs, just like the songs that were played. Still, while looking at the name of the song in the newsletter magazine, I was imagining how I played such a song and how it was played. If you listen to the sound source on that day again, for example, the scene that introduces “ a new guitar just bought this morning ” with a violin bass in accordance with the intro of “ Back In The USSR ” is as reported in the bulletin magazine It seems very emotional. 30 years after the performance, you can enjoy the concert with the actual sound of the day.

There is a fresh enjoyment that is unique to the first day, but there is no point in detailing the differences. It was a surprising discovery that two songs of “This One” and “My Brave Face” and two songs of “Back In The USSR” and “I Saw Her Standing There” were played on the first day. You can see that ‘t That A Shame’ was not played on the first day. The word “See You Next time!” May have been repeated many times in the long tour that will continue.

Bonus tracks include 4 songs and 5 takes from Genepro in London, “Summertime”, “Twenty Flight Rock”, “Blue Suade Shoes” and “Matchbox” 2 months before the first day of the main story. is doing. “Summertime” is played from the album, just after “CHOBA B CCCP” released only in the USSR. Perhaps it was originally scheduled to enter the tour set. With a very bluesy arrangement, the take on July 26 is over 6 minutes, and the take on July 27 is over 8 minutes. “Summertime” has never been played live so far, but it is a precious live take even though it is a genepro. “Blue Suade Shoes” has also been omitted from the tour set, but it has been re-arranged and played with a new approach like an original song. This is also a passionate performance over 7 minutes.

This is the first tour in 10 years. Paul McCartney’s first solo tour. Moreover, since I entered the 80s, I hardly stood on the stage as I wrote at the beginning. The record is rehearsed carefully, with just a few hundreds of spectators just before, and a two-time general pro at a London studio. However, on September 26, 1989 in Oslo, this is the very first day of the tour. Permanent storage with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.


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