Wings Over America - Fort Worth TX 5-3-1976


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From the liner notes:

This one is a bit of a switch from the norm as I have not used a vintage cassette for my source. This show has been widely circulated on cassette, on LP and on CD as “American Return of Wings”. I have several different versions of this show and they all originate from the same master. A 1st gen copy from the original master showed up early 2008. It was perhaps the best version to date, but it was not perfect. The levels were a bit low, more so on the right track then the left, there was two minutes of silence at the end of Soily and some other minor anoyances. I recompiled the recording, brought the levels up doing each channel seperatly to restore balance and re-split the tracks. Not a major improvement, but enough to make me happy. The original info file is included with this torrent.


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Amy 3 years ago

So all the songs on the live 'Wings Over America' recording are from the Fort Worth May 3rd show? Is that correct?

The PaulMcCartney Project 3 years ago

Hi @amy, the tracks from "Wings Over America" are from various concert of the 1976 tour - pls see the source of each track at

Amy 3 years ago

So nothing came from Ft. Worth then. What a pity to have no record of it.

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