Wings Over America - Uniondale NY 5-21-1976 Source Two

Track list

Disc 1


Venus And Mars / Rock Show

6:08 • Live

Concert From the concert in Uniondale, USA on May 21, 1976




Disc 2


From the liner notes:

Just after posting the first source for Uniondale it was brought to my attention that there was a second, more complete source available. While this source is more complete, it is a dreadful recording. Which would account for it’s lack of circulation. I tried to help it in every way I could but there was only so much I could do. So before anyone starts complaining, you have been warned, this is for completists only. And while this is more complete, it only contains a partial Hi, Hi, Hi and Soily is missing entirely, which may or may not have been performed this night.
The recording is troubled by inconsistant levels through out, that also vary from channel to channel. It had two high pitch frequencies running through it also. As well as a lot of noise and distortion. I did what I could with it, and probably spent too much time trying to fix this troubled recording. Far more then it deserved. I finally folded it down to mono which helped with the levels and made the listening experience somewhat tolerable. With the added benifit to some of reducing the file size.

I need to thank Anthony for providing me with the cassettes used for this transfer. I must also thank Garfield who also sent me a digital rip of this version.


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rob 3 months ago

great job! I was there that night, and Paul DID play Soily and in fact all the songs from the official release.

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