Wings Over The World - Hippodrome Birmingham England September 13 1975


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Track list

Disc 1


Venus And Mars-Rock Show


Little Woman Love-C Moon

Disc 2


From the liner notes:

This is the fifth show of the tour and tape five in the series. Sorry, don’t have show number four. This is the nicest recording of this series so far. This is a second generation copy and is very listenable. The first four minutes are a bit muffled but then the recording clears up nicely. The taper also appears to have been adjusting the levels at this point as the volume fluctuates. I adjusted this bit too level things out. There are also some changes in quality towards the end of the show during Medicine Jar. It sounds as if the taper started to leave and then realized there was an encore and never got himself positioned the same again. There is also a jump in the middle of Bluebird, this is on the original tape, most probably a flip that was patched in a cassette transfer.

If you pay attention you will hear Paul address the crowd as Birmingham and then a while later Denny refers to them as Glasgow. Someone in the crowd shouts out “it’s not Glasgow”. I compared this to my Glasgow show to be sure and it looks like Denny was a bit confused. You will also notice the set changes a bit on this night.


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