Venice • Saturday, September 25, 1976

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings Over the World tour
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Piazza San Marco

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More significant was the concert in aid of UNICEF in St. Mark’s Square, Venice in March. At the time there was concern that Venice was gradually sinking into the mud, so when one of Wings’ trucks made a crack in the square the TV cameras homed in on it. MPL’s Alan Crowder had more pressing problems to deal with: “The dressing room was at the back of the square, so the band walked through the audience to the stage. The carabinieri protected the stage, which was about six or eight feet high, until the show started – then they all joined the audience! Trevor [Jones, longtime Wings aide] and I just looked at each other as the two of us cleared people off the stage.

From Club Sandwich N°40, Spring 1986
Paul. Venice, 1976. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
From Facebook – Jimmy McCulloch signing an autograph before the gig in Venice, Italy on September 25th, 1976. Photo by Alcide Boaretto
From Melody Maker – October 2, 1976
From Melody Maker – October 2, 1976

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Piazza San Marco

This was the 1st and only concert played at Piazza San Marco.

Setlist for the concert



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Gregory A Lorenzen 1 year ago

I was a college student from the Midwest backpacking through Europe, (surprise...!). I was supposed to meet my sister in Munich at the Octoberfest in a few days...somehow my Eurail companions took me to this charming, smelly city...we just happening to be in "San Marcos Square"? That night...there was a laser light show? I can still see the Italian police, strolling two by two, in the square, automatic rifles slung casually over their shoulders...I thought it was a free concert, since I never the Italians...

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

Awesome memories ! Thanks for sharing, Gregory !

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