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From Collectors Music Reviews:

This latest release on the Misterclaudel label is a remastered version of their very first release Wings Over Los Angeles.  Some of this material was released about a decade ago as RRRRRock Show (MD 93711) on the Midas Touch label.  That release used about an hour of the soundboard from the final concert on the Wings Over America tour in LA on June 23rd, 1976.  The Misterclaudel release uses, for the first time, fragments from the June 22nd concert and the June 10th show at the Kingdome in Seattle for a complete set.  These are the soundboards that were used to produce the official live LP and the film Rock Show.

Misterclaudel attempts to improve their first attempt at this release by smoothing the edits with the between song crowd noise.  The first release was quite unsettling whereas this new release has smoother edits.  But the audience noises are still inconsistent.  Sometimes they are very loud like before “Medicine Jar”, and other times they are inaudible, like before “Maybe I’m Amazed”.  Also, the problem with “Jet” has been corrected.  The soundboards are nice sounding and have good balance between all of the instruments.  They also corrected the misspelling of their own label, changing the Masterclaudel from the initial release to Misterclaudel for this.

[…] I stand by my criticism of the final LA show in my review for Wings From The Wings.  It is a substandard show and the excellent soundboard only emphasizes that.  But the other two shows are a marked improvement, especially Seattle.  These are the only soundboard fragments available from this tour and is worth having.  These are the raw tapes that composed the official live album and are Wings as they are meant to be heard.  Another impressive release from Misterclaudel.

Last updated on January 22, 2011


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