Seattle • Thursday, June 10, 1976

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings Over the World tour


And from there with Wings to the Kingdome was pretty interesting because by then we were pretty strong. We broke our own record [Wings played here to 67,000, beating The Beatles’ record at Shea Stadium]. So that was nice, a big pay-off for Wings after all that terror, post-Beatles, that it would never be as good; and suddenly you found ‘Oh my God, it is as good.’ And I meet people to this day who say ‘Oh, I like Wings better.’ So it’s a generational thing as well.

Paul McCartney, in the 2003 Back To The World tour book – talking about his favourite gigs

From The Seattle Times, March 26, 2000:

If there was any doubt that the Kingdome was suitable for rock shows, Paul McCartney and Wings wiped it out last night with a spectacular extravaganza that was the highlight of their American tour.

It was the biggest audience of the tour and set a new indoor attendance record for a single act – 67,000-plus. The stage light and sound systems were larger than any other date on the tour and were specially designed for the Dome. The concert was filmed, videotaped and recorded and Geraldo Rivera and his crew shot footage for an upcoming ABC-TV special.

McCartney himself was bubbling with enthusiasm and obviously happy with the record crowd. He was full of boundless energy throughout the two-hour show, mugging, prancing and joking. He said he was having a good time and he looked it . . . One of the great excitements of the entire evening was the deafening roar of 67,000 people at the end and the sight of thousands of matches lighting the darkened hall before the encore. . .

Nothing could have christened the Dome as a rock hall more dramatically or excitingly – the only currently performing Beatle in the biggest show of his tour. It was a night Seattle rockers will long remember.

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This was the 1st and only concert played at Kingdome.

Setlist for the concert




Hi, Hi, Hi

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

Album Available on Wings Over LA



Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

Album Available on Wings Over LA


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cloverfieldaudio 1 years ago

I was at this show. It was my first concert. It set a high bar for anything to follow, few if any have lived up to the moments of this show. I consider myself very fortunate to have made the choice to go. I will never forget it.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 years ago

@cloverfieldaudio Must have been magic as a first concert !!! Thanks for sharing your memory !

Ron Fowler 8 months ago

Why is Linda McCartney's name on all those songs? I have the original albums and 45's, and the only one she has a co-writing credit on is Hi, Hi, Hi.

The PaulMcCartney Project 8 months ago

Hi Ron, Linda shared a co-writing credits on almost all songs of Band On The Run, Venus And Mars. But true that some 45s only credit "McCartney" , which is ambiguous. The latest Archive Collection have made the credits explicit.

Ron Fowler 8 months ago

I have an original pressing of Venus and Mars. On side one, it says "all songs written by Paul McCartney"; side two says "all songs written by Paul McCartney except" with references to Medicine Jar and Crossroads Theme. Band on the Run just says "all songs written by McCartney" except No Words, credited to McCartney-Laine. No mention of Linda co-writing songs on those albums; ditto for Red Rose Speedway. The only ones that list her as co-writer are on Ram and Wildlife.

The PaulMcCartney Project 8 months ago

Hi Ron, you've got me confused, and I have done a bit more research. I think the truth lies with ASCAP.

See the registration for Band On The Run here:

See the registration for Silly Love Songs here:

In both cases, the credits go to Paul & Linda.

Hope that helps.

sharon 7 months ago

this was the first concert i went to and i will never forget my sister laughing at me because some one handed me a joint i though it was a cigarette and said to the guy no thanks i only smoke filtered lmfao

The PaulMcCartney Project 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing your memories, Sharon - what a souvenir this might be !!

Rick Geiger 5 months ago

I attended this concert with three others. From the age of nine - when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show - to this very date I have been a huge Beatles and Paul McCartney fan. We were on the floor in front of the stage during the first part of the concert, but we weren't very close. We walked around a bit to find a better spot and discovered no one in the seats behind the stage. So we sat back there. We could still see the band fairly well, and were much closer to them. It was then that Paul sat down at the piano, situated toward the rear of the stage, and performed "The Long and Winding Road". At the conclusion of the number I stood and cheered madly, while my three companions just sat there clapping politely. It was at that moment that Paul turned in our direction and gave a bit of a wave. To this day I swear it was aimed at me, for I was the only one in my group giving a suitable reaction to the performance. Yes, Paul McCartney waved to me.

By the way, it was during the following intermission that an usher came over and chased us out of the section. It was apparently supposed to be closed...

The PaulMcCartney Project 4 months ago

hi Rich, thanks for sharing those awesome memories !!

Alex 3 months ago

I found a discrepancy in the Wings Over America Deluxe Boxset. if you look at the book inside and the gigs calendar, there’s no mention of this date 10.06.1976. so strange. there’s the picture of the arena inside but no notes about this event. if you even look to the detailed scheduled, it is even indicated no engagement on 10.06.1976. so funny. any possible explanation ? thank you 🙂

The PaulMcCartney Project 3 months ago

Hi Alex thanks for your comment. I will look at this when I'm back from holidays. Cheers

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